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Advanced Placement

Del Oro Advanced Placement Program

Del Oro is proud to offer the challenge and rigor of 11 Advanced Placement courses. Our hope is that the diverse AP classes offered to our sophomores, juniors and seniors will appeal to a wide range of students. AP courses are high school classes taught at a college level, which allows students to develop content mastery and critical thinking skills that are expected in college. Taught by our highly-motivated faculty members, Del Oro AP courses are taken by students who value a rigorous educational environment and experience. 

AP courses will not only help students prepare for success in college, but they may also reward students with college credit if passing AP exam scores are earned at the end of the spring term. Research shows that students who successfully complete AP courses in high school are more likely to complete their undergraduate degrees in four years. Taking AP courses is also looked upon favorably by colleges when making student admission decisions.

For more information about AP courses offered at Del Oro, visit the appropriate departmental website to review the instructor’s course syllabus, or refer to the class description in the 2021-22 Del Oro Course Catalog. Visit the College Board website for detailed information about all Advanced Placement programs offered, including course and exam descriptions, sample free-response questions and scoring guidelines, study skills, exam tips, and more.

2021-22 AP Courses Offered at Del Oro:

  • Biology with Jake Hardey:
  • Environmental Science with Jen Isaac: 
  • Physics 1 & 2 with Jacob Fefer:
  • Psychology with Jennifer Evans:
  • English Literature & Composition with Natalie Smith:
  • English Language & Composition with Joy Donny: 
  • US History with Becky Dunkel:
  • European History with Becky Dunkel:
  • US Government & Politics with Becky Dunkel:
  • 2-D Art & Design with Rory Somers: