Continuing Student Success at Del Oro High School

Del Oro High School is committed to providing a high-quality education to ensure every student is prepared to succeed in college and 21st-century careers after graduation. We are grateful to those who took the time to complete our recent community survey about priorities for repairing and upgrading Del Oro High School.

Del Oro High School was built nearly 60 years ago with a capacity for 700 students, but currently has 1,750 students enrolled. Our local high school needs improvements to ensure that every student receives a quality education in a safe and modern learning environment, but budget cuts at the state level have reduced funding in our district by over $30 million in the past five years. 

Of those who responded to our community survey, over 85% said that repairing leaky roofs, gas lines, plumbing and bathrooms are top priorities. Additionally, old, inadequate portable classrooms need to be replaced with permanent classroom buildings and accessibility improvements for students with disabilities are needed. 

Nearly 70% of respondents prioritized upgrading science, math, computer, and engineering labs to help prepare students for college and careers. In a changing world, it is critical to ensure that our school’s vocational and career technical education programs have upgraded equipment, technology and classrooms to prepare students for future success. 

To meet the needs of our students at Del Oro High School, our local school board unanimously voted to place a $40 million bond measure on the November 6, 2018, ballot. If passed, funds from the measure would only be used at Del Oro High School to:
  • Repair and replace deteriorating classrooms to attract and retain highly‑qualified teachers
  • Repair leaky roofs, gas lines, plumbing, and bathrooms
  • Maintain safe drinking water
  • Upgrade science, math, computer, and engineering labs to help prepare students for college and careers
  • Upgrade security and safety systems, including safety doors, smoke alarms, and smoke detectors
  • Provide space and technology to prepare students for available local jobs in fields like agriculture, business, engineering and law enforcement