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Academic Enrichment
Taking Classes at Sierra College while enrolled in high school for FREE.

Below are the recommended steps to follow to successfully register for an Academic Enrichment class at Sierra. Some are my suggestions that I have found helpful for students. They also include Sierra's steps that are on their College in High School website.  Mrs. Fessenden (Del Oro)
Questions? Contact me at  or 916-660-1019.

You are eligible if you have completed the equivalent of 8th grade and are in good standing academically.


The Fall 2021 schedule is viewable now

How do I get started?

  1. If you have any questions about which classes to take to meet your goals or about specific course content, please contact the Sierra College Counseling Department at 916-660-7400 to make an appointment with a Sierra College Counselor.
  2. Use the Sierra College Catalog to look up classes and their prerequisites, making sure you meet them and also review the Academic Enrichment Restricted Course List to make sure the class you want is not restricted. 
  3. Access the SIERRA Class Schedule, selecting the Term and Campus, to find out what classes are offered and when. The fall 2021 schedule is available now. 
  4. Students can take a maximum of 11 Sierra credits a term. Academic Enrichment and Dual Enrollment classes count in that total. (Do not list your Dual Enrollment classes on the AE Program Application form as the Dual Enrollment onboarding process is completely separate).
  5. Look in the Sierra College Calendar for the Academic Enrichment Student Registration date for the term you
    plan to attend. 
  6. Apply to Sierra College. If you already have an account, sign in to OpenCCC and apply for the term. If you don't have an account, you will need your social security number and must use your legal name to Apply online through OpenCCC , the California Community College portal, and indicate that you "Will be enrolled in high school and college at the same time."  We recommend using a personal email, but not a YAHOO email and not your school email. Watch this:YouTube video on how to apply to our Academic Enrichment program.
  7. Please note your OpenCCC username and password. 
  8. Once you complete the Sierra College application and submit it, you will receive an email with the subject "Welcome to Sierra College." In that email you will be given a Sierra College ID#, mySierra username and email address. If you have not received the “Welcome to Sierra College” email within 24 hours, please also check your spam and promotions folder and if you still don't have it, contact Matt Malepeai, the Sierra College Enrollment Specialist who works with Del Oro, at for assistance. If you do not hear back from Matt within 24 hours, please contact Sierra College Admissions at  (916) 660-7340 or Email:
  9. Set up your mySierra account. Refer to your Welcome to Sierra College email and use the password reset tool to create your account. You will be asked for your Username or Email. Please input the Sierra College email address, that is in the Welcome email. Complete the steps to reset/create your password.  It must be at least 15 digits long, contain uppercase and lowercase letters and a number. It cannot include special characters or your name or match the password you used for OpenCCC.  
  10. If you already have a mySierra account, you must reset your password due to the cybersecurity attack that happened on May 19,2021. Use this link to reset the password or passphrase as Sierra is calling it now. When doing so a verification code will be sent to the personal email address you used to create the account.  If you have your old email as your personal email in your mySierra account, you will not be able to get the verification email to reset your password.  Please request a personal email address change by completing the  Change of Information Form and email it with a copy of a photo id to the Sierra Technician associated with your last name. Do not use a yahoo email, though, as Sierra's systems do not work well with yahoo accounts. 
  11. Complete the permission form for the term you plan to attend: 
    • Student: Use your mySierra login to access the form and complete it. If you are having trouble logging in, you will need to reset the password/passphrase with this link. You will submit it WITHOUT a high school counselor or parent signature.
    • Parent/Legal Guardian: You will receive an email from Dynamic Forms to sign. If you don't see it immediately, search the word notify as it could have landed in your Spam folder. Use the link provided in the email to Create a New Account with your own name and email address and then log back in to sign the form and submit it WITHOUT a high school counselor signature.

          Please Note:

    • The student and parent/legal guardian need to have separate accounts to be able to sign the form electronically. 
    • After the parent/legal guardian signs the form, it will automatically be sent to the student's high school counselor and Betsy Fessenden at Del Oro. Mrs. Fessenden, an authorized signer, will sign the form, not the high school counselor, attach the student's transcript and then send it to Sierra College for processing. Mrs. Fessenden will email the student and the student's counselor a copy of the completed form for their records. The student will also receive confirmation in their mySierra email inbox once it is submitted.
    • Please allow up to 5 business days for processing. Once the form is processed Sierra will send an email to your mySierra email letting you know you can register. 
    • If after 5 days you have not received the email please contact Matt Malepeai, at for assistance and/or Sierra Admissions.
 12. Accept College Terms and ConditionsLogin to your mySierra and click on the Terms and Conditions link to
       read and accept them.
 13. Important: Forward your Sierra College emails to your most checked email account. Login to your mySierra
       and click Check My Email.  Once logged into your email, select the settings “gear” in the upper right corner,
       type “Forwarding” in the search bar and follow the directions to forward emails. Make sure to select SAVE.
 14. If you have accommodations at Del Oro and want to apply for them at Sierra College, contact Sierra's 
       Disabled Students Programs and Services department to make an appointment with a DSPS counselor. 
       Call them at 916-660-7460 or email They will need a copy of your IEP or 504.   
       Contact your Del Oro Case Carrier if you need a copy of your IEP and Mrs. Seaman, the Assistant Principal's 
       secretary for the 504. The whole process must be completed before the class starts.
 15. Register for classes in mySierra using the CRN#(s)Refer to the Ready4Reg page for instructions.
 16. Be aware of the critical dates for each course, including the last day to add, drop, drop without a W and drop
       with a W. This information can be found by inputting the CRN# in the SIERRA Class Schedule and then
       clicking the CRN#. Scroll to the bottom to find the Critical Dates for this Course. 

Example: This information varies by class, so check the class schedule for the specifics for each class you plan to take.


What else should I know?

Once admitted as an Academic Enrichment student, you must take a minimum of courses from your local high school: 

Fall and spring attendance: Academic Enrichment students must attend high school classes for at least a minimum of one day.

Sierra College: We're Here to Help

We are here to answer general questions and help you find your way. We provide assistance with:

    Contact the Help Center
        Rocklin Campus A 101

        Phone: (916) 660-7300
        Fall and Spring Hours
        M-F: 9:00am - 4:00pm

    Contact Student Tech Support Center
        Rocklin Campus LR 220 (Learning Commons)

        Phone: (916) 660-7225

        M-F: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm