Spanish 4

Spanish 4 and all things related

        Essential Learning Outcomes

    1. Continue the growth of the language through various sources.
      1. Demonstrate oral proficiency through teacher-selected project which will incorporate required vocabulary and verb tenses covered in class. Must be passed with a 70 per cent or above.
      2.  Complete a written assignment from teacher prompt using required vocabulary and verb tenses. Must be passed with a 70 per cent or above.
      3. Read a given text and demonstrate comprehension through teacher assessment. Must be passed with a 70 per cent or above.
      4. Conjugate and incorporate commands, perfect tenses, future, conditional, present and past subjunctive in addition to previously taught verb tenses.
      5. Exposure to current topics such as immigration, hispanic culture, art, Famous Hispanics, and environment using movies, short stories, a novel, music and poetry.

                      Course Requirements

              Requirements and class handouts can be found and printed at the bottom of the page.

                      Printing Extra Handouts

              To print from the attachments posted below, find the document and select Download, which will then ask you to Open the document using Adobe Reader (or a comparable .pdf viewing application). Once the document has loaded in Adobe Reader, use Adobe Reader's Print command to print the document.