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Gove/Econ syllabus

Government and Economics

Course Syllabus

Fall 2019 

Stephanie McManus

Phone:  916-652-7243 Ext. 1310


Course Description:  This course will examine the political and economic structure of American society. Areas of focus will include the role of government, the structure of the American system of government, the components of microeconomics, the national economy, and the United States’ place in the global economy.  The following units will be covered:

  • Foundations of Government

  • The Constitution and the Structure of American Government

  • Branches of Government

  • 50 States

  • Local Government

  • Political Parties

  • Citizenship

  • American Economics

  • Foreign Policy and Trade

  • Governments of the world

Assignments/Homework: The students will be actively engaged in the learning process through discussion, presentations, written work, interpreting readings, and projects.  Concepts will be read and discussed as a group followed by comprehension questions. Each day’s assignment will be checked for completeness and any class work not completed becomes homework.  

Student Expectations: 

TardiesYou are expected to be in class on time.  Every 4 tardies = office referral. See the Del Oro Tardy policy for more information.  

Bathroom: You may use the restroom during class if you must, please do not abuse this use policy by overuse and/or taking too long. Only one person may leave the room at a time.  The first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class may not be time used for the restroom. 

Cell Phone Policy: There are absolutely no cell phones or electronics allowed during class. Phones are to be placed in the phone caddy upon arrival to class. 

  • First offense = Warning- student may take their phone to the office if they choose not to place it in the caddy

  • Second offense = Hold phone until the end of block

  • Third offense= Take phone to the office to be held for the day

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Core Values:

1. Be Respectful- No matter what we do in this class, we need to have respect for each other in every way.

2. Be Attentive. This class includes active reading, writing, listening, and producing. Pay attention and think critically. 

3. Be Prepared. Have your current packet, pencil, pen, and paper every day. 

4. Be Positive. Apply yourself. This class will be fulfilling if you come in with a positive attitude. 














All assignments can be redone for a higher score.  

  • Classwork (60%,) 

  • Assessments-quizzes and tests (40%).  

Extra Help:  If any student is having difficulty completing assignments or needs help with testing topics, I am available during 4th block intervention, and 5th block with an appointment.    Please call or email. 916-652-7243 ext 1310 or

Have a great semester!!!