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Talons serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

What is it?
Talons is Del Oro’s chapter of the National Honor Society. The selection of members for Talons is made by a faculty council in accordance with the National Honor Society’s Constitution and its recommended procedures. 

Selection Process

Selection for Talons membership occurs twice annually: once during the Fall semester for eligible Seniors only, and once during the Spring semester for eligible Juniors and Seniors. During the selection period, Del Oro faculty members rate the character and leadership of each of the eligible students they have had in class or in a co-curricular group. Eligible students are notified via a letter and invited to complete and submit a student activity and service information sheet to assist in the selection process. The faculty selection council then reviews staff ratings along with the student activity and service information sheets and makes the final selections according to National Honor Society guidelines and requirements.


Only those juniors and seniors who o have a 3.4 cumulative grade point average or above (un-weighted) are scholastically eligible to be considered for membership. They additionally challenge themselves by taking AP courses and other electives.


Talons members demonstrate leadership on Del Oro's campus, in their individual clubs and organizations, in the classroom, and also in the community.


Talons members exhibit qualities of the highest character and integrity. They make Del Oro's campus, classrooms, and community better through their actions and influence.


Talons members reach outside themselves and take opportunities to serve their school, their community, their churches, their families and friends, and beyond.