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Day of Welding

"The innovative welding techniques I have developed combines different metals, texture, color, and reflective surfaces with organic lines and unique structural form. My designs pulse with the essence of Nature linking us to our environment. While I buy bronze new, most of the stainless steel and copper is recycled. When I work the industrial materials into my sculptures, the medium becomes seemingly light and delicate. I work within the true nature of my materials in a way that celebrates both their elegance and strength. I consider my craft a modern form of alchemy, taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary."
~Jay Stargaard

Thank you Mrs. Stargaard for teaching us to weld!



"Inspiration sets the vision. The vision becomes our truth. Our truth is embraced by our heart. Our hearts vision when true is powerful. It is our foundation. Yes, we create our lives moment to moment. Choice by choice. May it be aligned for our highest good."
~Jay Stargaard