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WINGS Videos


Freshman Video

The Freshman Video was made to inspire the incoming freshman to strive to reach their goals. Del Oro is an amazing school where anyone can achieve their goals. This video was made to get the freshman excited about coming in to such a school and to encourage students to choose their high school experience. The students in this school choose their attitude and collectively make this school what it is.      

Video by Kianna Pattengale


Athletics Video

This video encompasses most of the sports that Del Oro has to offer. Through the wide variety of sports, we are sure to have an option for most of the athletes that attend this school.

Academic Video


This is a video featuring academics available to the incoming freshman. It includes the required classes such as Math, Science, English, and Frosh Tech/Tech Core. It also includes electives available to them such as the arts and foreign languages. Small video clips of each class shows the everyday life in these classes on our campus here at Del Oro High School.

Video by Zachary Sullivan

Extra Info 

First draft 8th grader transfer.mp4

In this video you are able to find extra info involving any questions for freshmen entering Del Oro.  In the video, Mr.Barker, a counsler here at Del Oro, tells all the 8th Grades at Loomis Grammar school what they could expect out of Del Oro.