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Common Questions 
What is Wings? 

The purpose of the program is to allow successful upperclassmen to teach the culture of the school to the freshmen and guide them towards a memorable and productive high school experience. This helps insure a brighter future for all incoming freshmen and creates a welcoming environment.

Why should you join WINGS?

Joining the Del Oro W.I.N.G.S program is a great way to make personal connections with the students at this school and form lifelong friendships. WINGS mentors influence future generations to make the same connections and leave an impression at this school. This program provides an opportunity to give back to the school in a meaningful way and help fellow students through their high school experience.

What does Wings Do for Del Oro? 

Students involved with the WINGS class head several projects which involves the yearly arrival of the Japanese exchange students, the annual Memorial Day Ceremony, and Freshman Orientation that includes visitations to the Loomis elementary schools to inform incoming Freshman about Del Oro High School. Many Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors participate over Summer to become trained to be a WINGS Leader, each incoming Freshman that takes part in Freshman Orientation becomes part of a WINGS group, which has other Freshman and WINGS leaders who they bond with and can contact if they have questions about Del Oro.

Do you want to help? 

If want to contribute to WINGS in any way you can email Brady Shaw with ideas for Videos or Dustin Fee with ideas for the class/club in general. You can do your part of wings by helpping around the communite and spreading the idea that everyone is welcome. As a student of Del Oro we encourage you to welcome the freshmen and help them with any concerns.

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                            Flock Night Videos                                                                                               Motivational Videos

WINGS Mentors
Upcoming Events:

Flock Night
Early 2017

Freshmen Orientation
August 3, 2017

Training Days
July 31 & August 1, 2017

Brady Shaw :

Dustin Fee