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Sea Kayaking

Santa Cruz Sea Kayaking Trip Information

  • We will Kayak right off of the pier near the Boardwalk with Venture Quest Kayaks.
  • We will spend 2 nights camping at Fremont Peak State Park.
  • We leave Friday right after school (about 3:35 pm) and arrive at the campground around 8:30-9:00 pm.  
  • We leave camp on Saturday morning at about 9 am for our 10:00-1:00 Sea Kayak trip
  • After Kayaking the students are given two hours of free time on the pier or boardwalk. 
  • Back to camp for the evening after stopping at Marianne's Ice Cream shop on Ocean Blvd.
  • We leave Sunday around 10 am to visit the campus of UCSC and then head home.  We arrive back to D.O. around 5:30 pm
Other Information:

Great campsite in Santa Cruz

Sunset State Beach

Sea Kayaking 

This trip is really amazing. It really forces you to step out of your comfort zone, and, as scary as it may seem, it is actually better for you."
-Caleb D. 

"I loved being able to see many sea otters while we were on the ocean!"
-Chloe L.

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