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SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experiences)

Need help with an SAE project or not sure where to start? Want to know more information about our local fairs and other requirements, you're in the right place! 






SAE'S Project ideas and information 




SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experiences) are projects that are required when you're taken any agriculture classes. When you're thinking about making a project, there are  7 different where our SAE project can fit in. These systems are Agribuness System, Animal System, Biotechnology System, Environment Service System, Natural Resivices System, Plant System, and Power, Sturcal, and Technical Systems. 
Here are soon ideas and helpful tips when you're making a successful SAE project: 

Animal Systems
Click on the species that you want more information about. The list is divided into different animals: 

Large Animal
Sheep  🐑

Small Animal
Meat Chickens 🐔 
Meat Rabbit
Turkey  🦃
Chickens 🐥

Still exhibits (photography, baking, crafts, welding, projects, etc)