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CSF Officers

Officers in the California Scholarship Federation

2017-2018  Officer Meeting Schedule: Fall 2018                    Spring 2019

Aug. 15th at 7 am                                                                                Jan. 9th at 7 am
Aug. 27th at lunch                                                                              Jan. 28th at lunch
Sept. 12th at 7 am                                                                               Feb. 13th at 7 am
Sept. 24th at lunch                                                                            March 13th at 7 am
Oct. 10th at 7 am                                                                                April 10th at 7 am
Nov. 7th at 7 am                                                                                May 8th at 7 am
Dec. 12th at 7am                                                                                 May 20th at lunch (Officer Transition)

 The 2018-2019 officers are:

President................................................Taylor Froomin
Vice President.......................................Madeline Ahrens
Community Service Coordinators/Enhancement Team........ Marissa Anzelmo, Kody Green, Aiden Marquez, Riley Froomin
Treasurer .........................                        Ethan vosburg
Secretary & Publicity..............................Kirsten Webb
College & Scholarship Researcher..........Jackson Stanwick
Tutor Program Coordinators....................Jenna Voss
Membership............................................. Kade Breckenridge

North Regional Conference Chair (2019 Conference).......... Support Staff: Jenna Barba

Officer Responsibilities:

President - The President will conduct meetings, make meeting agendas for the officer meetings and club meetings, appoint members to specific tasks, be the face of Del Oro CSF,  in addition to being a positive and encouraging leader.  Communicate with club officers and advisers.  Send out meeting reminders to officers and advisers and share the meeting agenda's with officers and advisers.
Vice President - The V.P. will help the President, fill in for the President when they are not available. Help with any officer that needs assistance.
Service Project Coordinator (SPC) -  They will contact organization leaders in need of volunteers, take attendance of members serving at projects, create sign-up sheets for projects, call/text members (who have signed up for a project) the day before that project as a reminder, and report any new project ideas they hear about to members at monthly meetings.  Update service hours on the google document.  Give hard copies of service records to Mrs. Luci to put in service binder.  Total service hours accumulated at the end of each term and give out service certificates and goodie.
         Enhancement Team will be incorporated with service: The officers have the responsibility of finding projects on campus to help improve 
                                                                                                Del Oro's environment. 
                                                                                                We also work with teachers to assist them in any tasks they may need done. 
Treasurer & Fundraising- The Treasurer will assist in record keeping for fundraisers, come up with new fundraiser ideas, fill out paperwork regarding the club's treasury and make monthly reports on the balance at club meetings.  Sign purchase orders and turn in paperwork to Mrs. Larsen. 
Secretary/Publicity - The Secretary/Publicity officer will maintain the club's  CSF window, keep time and take notes at meetings so that a club history can be compiled, create posters advertising club meetings/events, and put club reminders in the bulletin and on the marquee.  Be responsible to updating members with the Remind system.  Write an article for each parent's club newsletter and twice a year an article for the Loomis News.  Turn in signed club meeting minutes, treasurers report to Mrs. Larsen.
College Researcher (CR) - The CR will provide information about various colleges, applying to college, testing (e.g. SAT/ACT test dates), scholarships, college workshops, and plan college trips.  They will be responsible to spot light a 4 year college and the neighboring 2 year college at each monthly club meeting.  Arrange for special presentations or speakers to visit Del Oro.
Membership - Recruit new members at the beginning of each term with a membership drive at lunch.  Help maintain membership by informing students of membership requirements.  Help Mrs. Luci maintain accurate membership lists and keep them posted in the academic display case and on the CSF window.  Take the lead in getting the Honor Roll posted each term.  Get the list of those that qualify from Mrs. Reyes and post within the first 4 weeks of each term.  Share lists with Mrs. Luci, so she can post on the CSF webpage.
Tutor Program Coordinators - Set up tutor schedule for the library.  Sign-up tutors at each monthly meeting and be in the library to sign in and sign out tutors and students being tutored.  Fill in as a tutor when needed.  Organize tutor training, make informational flyers to promote tutoring program and go to classes to discuss tutor program with 9th and 10th grade students.  Create and share tutor sign-in list for program, to  also be shared with the advisor's.  Visit NEST classrooms to talk about tutoring.

Members can run for office during the May meeting.  An application must be completed to be put on the ballot.  Previous candidates have written small speeches covering their qualifications for the job and goals they have for the club if elected.  They are running for a position in the next school year's CSF, and if elected, they will serve for the entire school year (fall AND spring terms).  If they are unable to continue serving as an officer at any point throughout their tenure, a current officer will be asked to fulfill the duties.  You must commit to attending 95% of the meetings, both officer and club to consider running.