Student Television Network Convention 2016:

Convention Recap entry: Southern Exposure was the theme (as the convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia)
Crazy 8 Short Story entry: students had 8 hours to plan, shoot, and edit a video while incorporating a plastic ruler as a prop and only having the words "True Measure" as their prompt 

Music Video entry: Students chose one song from three different songs that they had never heard before (an original pop song sung by a young girl, a rap song, and a country song) and plan, shoot, and edit a music video that was fitting for the music
Past Videos: 

Access the Fall Choir Concert Performance here!    

Water Spots PSA: This was a 30-sec PSA about water conservation we created for a regional contest. 

One of our club's main activities is capturing events that happen around campus. This is a montage video highlighting Del Oro's athletic department.

This was a short-story we filmed at the Student Television Network Convention in 2015. STN is an annual film competition that BFC enters to expand our video making skills.     

Vimeo is an online video platform where Del Oro media posts all of their productions. Many of the videos seen on this page were filmed and edited by our club members. 

  • You can find all kinds of videos! From choir concerts  to volleyball games that our students have created! Most of these video opportunities are fundraisers for individual students to attend STN, or the money raised goes towards buying new equipment and the STN scholarship.