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Essential Learning Outcomes
           Spanish 1
   1.  Gain an understanding of subject, verb, noun and                       adjective agreement.
    2.   Complete a project of the teacher's choosing which will                incorporate appropriate vocabulary usage and                            subject/verb agreement.
    3.   Use basic sentence structure with a goal of 70% or higher           accuracy in written and spoken form.
    4.   Read a given text and be able to comprehend at least                 70% of it's context thereby allowing students to facilitate            the discussion of key points.
    5.   Conjugate and incorporate regular, irregular and stem-                changing present tense verbs with 70% mastery.
    6.   Complete a midterm and final exam assessment(s) that              consists of speaking, reading, writing, listening to various            native speakers.
Essential Learning Outcomes
           Spanish 3

  1. Build knowledge of subject material through the following themes: technology, chores, nature and environment, city life and health. 

  1. Demonstrate oral proficiency through teacher-selected project which will incorporate required vocabulary and verb tenses covered in class. Must be passed with a 70 percent or above.

  1.  Complete a written assignment from teacher prompt using required vocabulary and verb tenses. Must be passed with a 70 per cent or above.

  1. Read a given text and demonstrate comprehension through teacher assessment. Must be passed with a 70 percent or above.

  1. Conjugate and incorporate commands, perfect tenses and present subjunctive in addition to previously taught verb tenses.

  1. Complete a midterm and final exam assessment(s) that consists of speaking, reading, writing, and listening to various native speakers.

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My office hours are from 1:25 - 2:45 pm.  If you would like further information about any classes, please visit the class level website on the World Language home page.  You may view my class calendar which will have dates for tests and presentations, just click the desired class.  Thank you. 

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