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American Sign Language lII


Outside Practice: continue practicing fingerspelling drills using the book (worksheets from the book) and online fingerspelling tool.


Here is the vocab list for all units and all handouts.

ASL 3 handouts


Video Links:

Unit 13 vocab video


Unit 13 Key Phrases

Unit 14 Vocab Video

Unit 14 Key Phrases

Unit 15 Vocab Video

Unit 15 Key Phrases

Unit 16 Vocab Video

Unit 16 Key Phrases

Unit 17 Vocab List

Unit 17 Key Phrases

Units 13-17 key phrases


ASL 3 Course Documents

Temporal aspect/Inflection videos:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Classifiers and Mouth morphemes:

Classifier video #1


Classifier video #2

Classifier video #3

Classifier video #4

Mouth Morphemes

Signing Naturally Units 13-17 videos:

Bird of a Different Feather.MPG

Bird of a Different Feather

Essential Learning Outcomes

  1. You will be able to communicate effectively in the target language in the present, past and future tense.
  2. You will be able to receptively and expressively use classifiers in appropriate ASL grammar.
  3. You will watch,  discuss and prepare a signed "essay"  completely in ASL.
  4. You will improve your receptive skills through a variety of media such as internet signed videos, signed stories, etc.
  5. You will gloss, and sign a performance in ASL.