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American Sign Language lII


Fingerspelling and numbers will be graded very strictly for fluidity and clarity-not necessarily speed. Use the time now to continually improve your signing skills with numbers and letters using the "practice drill books" links below.


Fingerspelling Book and Videos on right side of website. Scroll down!
Units 13-17 Videos on right side of website. Scroll Down!

In class Friday 1/24:
Fingerspelling Lesson #3 (make up at home if absent).
Did Hotel Dialogues

Show and tell Monday


In class Thursday 1/23:

Receptive Test (watch video and answer questions).
Passed out Unit 14 packets
Had time to work on Hotel dialogues due Friday.

For Friday 1/24:
Be ready for hotel dialogues
We will do fingerspelling lesosn #3
We will start Unit 14

In class Wednesday 1/22:
Did in class presentations and practice hotel dialogues. Receptive test on Thursday.

In Class Tuesday 1/21:
Show and tell and passed out Hotel Dialogues.
Had in class time to work on presentations and hotel dialogues.

In class Friday 1/17:
Story Corner 
watch Unit 13 video part 2 starting @ 2:49.
Answer the 2 questions about the story on page 158 of packet. Then tear out pages 1-158 and turn them in stapled with name on them.

Fingerspelling Lesson 2 (in fingerspelling book-Video for lesson 2 on right side of website-scroll down).

CSD Morning message Jan 20-24, 2014:

Outside Practice for Tuesday 1/21:
Be ready for show and tell and practice for your house presentation o Wednesday.

In class Thursday 1/16:
Fingerspelling practice p. 13 in packet. Watch video Unit 13 part 1 @23:49.
We did "A Good Place to Shop" together in class. 

Describe house activity in class.

Work on describing your own house presentation due Wed.
Show and tell on Monday.

In Class Wednesday 1/15:
Did Numbers practice on page 12 in packet.
In class activity-describing your living room.

In class Tuesday 1/14:
Describing a room quiz

Finished House survey in groups.

Watched Unit 13 part 1 video from 8:40. (pages 8 and 9 in packet).

In class Monday 1/13:
Show and tell
watch unit 13 part 1 video from 6:31.
Fill out pages 6 and 7 in packet.
Did group activity in class.

Receptive describe a room quiz Tuesday.

In class Friday 1/10:
Corrected dialogue from yesterday
Did Fingerspelling Book Lesson #1-acronyms (right side of website-scroll down).
Be ready for show and tell on Monday (see rubric).
Describing a room receptive quiz on Tuesday.

In class Thursday 1/9:
Practiced learning your partner's bedroom description. 

Glossed dialogue.  (gloss it as person A and person B).
Discussed correct gloss and English of the dialogue. 

Outside Practice:
Show and tell Monday.
Room description quiz (receptive) on Tuesday.

In class Wednesday 1/8:
New vocab from unit 13. Watched the first part of Unit 13 video (first 2 pages of packet). Pages 4 and 5 on your own- room descriptions (videos and packets on right side of website).

Outside Practice due Thursday 1/9: Be ready to describe your bedroom to a partner and you will sign their bedroom to the class.

In class Tuesday 1/7:
More in class practice.
Due Wednesday: signed signature sheet and sign up for REMIND.


Here is the vocab list for all units and all handouts.

ASL 3 handouts


Video Links:


Unit 13 vocab

Unit 13 Key Phrases

Unit 14 vocab

Unit 14 Key Phrases

Unit 15 vocab

Unit 15 Key Phrases

Unit 16 vocab

Unit 16 Key Phrases

Unit 17 vocab

Unit 17 Key Phrases

Units 13-17 key phrases


ASL 3 Course Documents

Temporal aspect/Inflection videos:

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Classifiers and Mouth morphemes:

Classifier video #1


Classifier video #2

Classifier video #3

Classifier video #4

Mouth Morphemes


Signing Naturally Units 13-17 videos:

Bird of a Different Feather.MPG

Bird of a Different Feather

Essential Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Expressively use ASL effectively and receptively in conversation.
  2. Receptively and expressively use classifiers and mouth morphemes in appropriate ASL dialogues and presentations.
  3. Watch and discuss an ASL Movie, ASL documentary, and ASL story as it pertains to AUDISM, and prepare a signed "essay"  completely in ASL.
  4. You will improve your receptive skills through a variety of media such as internet signed videos, signed stories, etc.
  5. You will gloss and sign a performance in ASL.