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ASL 1 Review site

In order to be successful in ASL 2 you must be knowledgable in these areas from ASL 1.

Deaf Culture and History:

Deaf Culture and History Presentation

You should know these people and events:

AGBell                           Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

NAD                               Nativism

Laurent Clerc              NTD

Eugenics                      Residential (Deaf) Schools

Oral Schools                "Curing" Deafness

ADA                               Oral Method

DPN                               Gallaudet University

Ryan Lane                    Milan Conference

Nyle DiMarco              Marlee Matlin   

Matt Hamill                 Millicent Simmonds   

Ashley Fiolek              William "Dummy" Hoy  



Fingerspelling alphabet

Fingerspelling book for expressive drills practice

Fingerspelling practice tool



Vocab lists Units 1-5:

ASL 1 Vocab Lists

ASL 1 Vocab List Videos Mrs.Campbell

Cottingham Vocab Videos

Glossing and Grammar:

You should be able to understand these autobiographies from the last unit of ASL 1. You should be able to gloss them and sign them yourself.