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American Sign Language lI


Unit 9:

Outside Practice:
Review vocab for Receptive test on Tuesday.


Lexicalized Fingerspelling:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In class Monday 10/21:
Watch "Write the Names" and fill in the Topic and names. Then turn it in. 

In class Wednesday:
Watch the "Hitchhiker" Story from 7:11-11:32
turn in when done.

Work on Vacation rental visual, gloss, and signed presentation, plus song meaningful. Also, you can review vocab unit 9 for receptive test.

In class for Tuesday 10/15:
watch video and fill in pages 224-226 in packet.
Work on Vacation rental visual, gloss and signed presentation

Outside practice due Thursday 10/10:

Lex FS receptive quiz on Thursday. Review and practice for Expressive Lex FS quiz on Friday. 

Outside Practice due Tuesday 10/15:
Work on Vacation rental: VISUAL, GLOSS and SIGNING IT.
Work on Meaningful for SONG (this will take time so don't leave it until the last minute to complete).

In class Friday 10/12:

Outside Practice due Friday 10/11:
Practice for LEX FS Expressive
Do 9.10: Suggesting a place to eat (packet page 216-220)
 Song lyrics due

In class Thursday 10/10

Outside Practice due Wednesday 10/9:
Review for Lex FS quiz.

OUTSIDE PRACTICE due Tuesday 10/8:

Write down all lex fs words in the video.

OUTSIDE PRACTICE due Friday 10/4:

For practicing your neighborhood:

Your Neighborhood rubric (expressive quiz on Friday 10/4)

Outside Practice due Monday 10/7:
Lex FS practice sentences to be glossed and know how to sign them for Monday.

Do write the time/Fill in the time p. 175 in packet. Video starts at 14:45

Due Thursday 10/3: LEX FS Sheet filled out and be ready for receptive neighborhood wuiz. Friday is expressive YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD (watch videos above for help).
Unit 8:
Outside practice for Friday 9/27:
Gloss sentence practice due Friday

Outside Practice for Thursday 9/26:
Do gloss sentence practice
Study for receptive test

Outside Practice for Wednesday 9/25:
Be ready for the dialogue expressive tomorrow!

Outside practice for Tuesday 9/24: Do page 134-135 in packet (8.11). Know how to sign those sentences with ynq and HUH at the end.
Practice dialogues for test on Wednesday.

In class Monday 9/23: Narratives 1-5 (must make this up in intervention this week-no video available on website).

Outside Practice for Monday 9/23:

Be ready for your weekend and practice expressive dialogues.
Expressive test Wednesday.
Receptive test Thursday.

Outside Practice for Thursday 9/19:

Practice Expressive dialogues:

In class Wednesday 9/18:
1) Do minidialogues 8.7:

2) Watch and write down what happened in each situation. Include when, the situation and the problem for each.

Outside practice for Monday 9/16: Deaf Panel Sheet due AFTER viewing Deaf Panel on Friday. Be ready for your weekend. Review months. FS/Numbers quiz on Tuesday. Spatial Agreement quiz on Wednesday.

In class Thursday 9/12: Minidialogues 1-6 on pages 76-80. You will do these in class on chrome books so please bring charged chromebook and review the vocab we discussed in class on Wednesday.

Outside practice for Wednesday 9/11: Gloss spatial agreement sentences

Outside Practice for Tuesday 9/10: Be ready for marketplace. Bring items and sign and we will meet in the library Tuesday Morning.

Outside practice for Monday 9/9: Gloss spatial agreement sentences

Be ready for weekend

Outside Practice for Friday 9/6: Fingerspelling of marketplace words and numbers using money signs for quiz Friday. Deaf panel question signed and glossed on Friday.

In class for Thursday 9/5: Worked on marketplace signs, did market activity that was turned in.

Outside Practice for Thursday 9/5: Do Gloss unit 8 packet.Work on store signs for Marketplace. Review marketplace signs and dollars and cents. Deaf panel question due signed and GLOSSED on Thursday.

Watch video between 12:52-16:19 for dollar and cents signs:   Money Signs

Unit 7:

Outside Practice for Tuesday 9/3:

Review unit 7 vocab and review years, and glossing rules for receptive test on Tuesday. Expressive test on Wed (describing objects).
No weekend this week.

Outside Practice for Friday 8/30:

Memorable Costume Story: watch video from the beginning. Answer questions in packet.

Practice Deaf Panel Question and YEARS numbers.

Outside practice for Thursday 8/29:

Pick 2-3 questions from the list below you may be interested in signing to the Deaf panel.

Questions to ask a Deaf Panel

Outside Practice for Wednesday 8/28: watch video 5:02-6:12. fill in the translation (in English) on pages 43-44 in Unit 7 book packet.

Write the Translation Video

Outside Practice for Tuesday 8/27: Unit 7 gloss  due Tuesday

Outside practice for Monday 8/26: Finish Glossing packet Unit 6. (you can write answers on a separate paper.
Be ready for your weekend!

Outside Practice for Friday 8/23:
watch video from 26:16-end. Do minidialogues 3, 4, and 5 in packet (the page after "guess the number").

In class 8/21: watched video from 16:02-19:26 and filled in "guess the Number" in unit 7 packet. 

Outside practice 8/21: watch video from 23:01-26:16. Do minidialogues 1 and 2 in packet (the page after "guess the number").

Practice receptive fingerspelling and numbers 1-9,999 for quiz tomorrow and bring in ONE -glasses, shirt, jacket, or bag (only one item) to describe following the sequence below:

In class 8/20: watched video from 1:31-3:46 and we filled out minidialogues 1 and 2 on page 7 of Unit 7 packet and it was turned in. 

Outside Practice 8/20: watch the video from 7:26-14:09. Fill out page 14 of your unit 7 packet. Due Wednesday.



In class and homework worksheets not in the book are in this folder:

ASL 2 Worksheets

From the Signing Naturally book (SN) are in this folder:

ASL 2 SN documents

Here is the folder with copies of gloss packets and videos to help you with them. (Gloss Units 6-10).

ASL 2 Gloss for students

Vocab lists:

Vocab Lists-ASL 2

Vocab Videos:

ASL 2 Vocab Videos


ASL 2 Course Documents

Deaf Historical Events

Essential Learning Outcomes
  1. You will be able to carry on most regular classroom activities completely in ASL.
  2. You will be able to use ASL accurately and effectively to prepare and deliver formal and informal presentations about yourself and Deaf Culture.
  3. You will be able to initiate and correctly respond to basic conversation about food, meals and personal preferences in ASL.
  4. You will be able to recognize, discuss and describe common activities in past, present and future tense in ASL.
  5. You will gloss in ASL and perform a song, poem, short story, or skit in ASL.
  6. You will participate in a simulated open-air market, buy and sell items and effectively use vocabulary related to shopping.