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American Sign Language l


Invite to Remind ASL 1

Things to know for childhood story final:

ASL 1 Expressive Final requirements

  • English story due November 8th (quiz grade 10 points)
  • Gloss Story due December 2nd (FINAL grade #1).
  • Signed Story due December 16th/17th (FINAL grade #2).
  • 200 point written final due December 19th (FINAL grade #3).

Gloss Check

Grammar Rules

Glossing/Grammar rules (cheat sheet)

Final Childhood Story packet and Info

Unit 6 packet-Childhood Stories

Written Final Study guides 1-3

Written Final Glossing/Grammar and Parameters Study guides


Unit 6 packet-Childhood Stories

In class Wednesday 12/11:

True Fish Story

In class Tuesday 12/10:

If only I could Fly

In Class Monday 12/9:

Gallaudet and Clerc Story watch story and discuss with a partner the 1 person role shift, 2 person role shift, modified verb, transitions, and classifiers. Write them down and turn them in.

Then watch: Wrong Name (independently)

Answer questions and turn it in.

Work on story for final.


Unit 5

Unit 5 Packet

Unit 5 Vocab List

Mrs Campbell's Unit 5 Vocab Video

Mrs. Cottingham's Unit 5 Vocab Video

Unit 5 Expressive Rubric

Unit 5 expressive requirements

In class Monday 12/2:

Gloss checked rough draft of gloss story in class. Final draft due Tuesday Printed or written out corrected.

Worked on Expressive Calendar visual and gloss-due Wednesday.

Receptive test Thursday.

In class Tuesday 11/26:

Unit 5 Autobiographies 2 and 3  

Write on a separate paper and turn in.

In class Monday 11/25:

5.8 Tell About Activities (p.269)

Do autobiography #1

Unit 5 Autobiographies (p.279)

In class Friday 11/22:

Glossing quiz and we finished unit 5 vocab. 

Discussed Unit 5 expressive due after Thanksgiving.

In class Wednesday 11/20:

We practiced glossing then signing this dialogue. (not graded).

Dialogue practice gloss

We did this group activity for more practice gloss.

ASL Word order practice (3rd and 4th page of this document). We did this in groups-no grade.

In class Tuesday 11/19:

Watch video 2:45-8:56-5.1 Minidialogues (pages 236-237 in packet AND  Who, What, When (pages 238-240 in packet). 

Then watch video 8:58-12:16-watch to understand only.

Then watch 12:17-15:09 SKITS (p. 243 in packet).

Then watch 15:12-16:05 "Surprise for you" story (p. 243 bottom in packet). Please summarize the story on a separate paper. If you do not understand some signs look at the packet all new signs are on page 243. 

5.1 and 5.2 videos


Unit 4

Unit 4 Packet

Unit 4 vocab list

Mrs. Campbell's Unit 4 Vocab list video

Mrs. Cottingham's Unit 4 vocab list video

Unit 4 expressive (due 11/13)

Unit 4 Family Tree Rubric

Outside Practice for Thursday 11/14:

Study vocab for receptive test on Thursday. Work on Glossing/parameter study guides due Friday.

In Class Wednesday 11/13:

Expressive family tree test

Outside practice for Wednesday:

Be ready for Expressive family tree. Have visual with you. Gloss has already been graded (if you were in class Friday).

Review Vocab for Receptive Test on Thursday. 

Passed out Glossing/grammar and parameters study guide due Friday:

Written Final Glossing/Grammar and Parameters Study guides

In class Tuesday 11/12:

Unit 4 Autobiographies

In class Friday 11/8:

Family Tree Sample Video

Gloss this video and this will be used as the script to follow for your family tree expressive. 10 points on your test grade.


In class Thursday 11/7:

Graded glossing sentences

FS/Numbers/Vocab Quiz #2

In class and Outside Practice due Thursday 11/7:

4.9 What's the relationship? (p.202 in packet)

And do glossed sentences (in packet right before page 202).

In class Wednesday 11/6:

Minidialogue 4.8 (p.200-201 in packet)

In class Tuesday 11/5:

4.5 Minidialogues 1-3

How Old?

Outside Practice due Tuesday 11/5:

Glossed sentences for practice

In class Monday 11/4:

(from packet pages 184-185)

Check the response

Circle the Number

Write the Number

In Class Friday 11/1:

Reviewed study guides 1-3. Turned them in. Turned in unscrambled pumpkins.

Outside Practice due Friday 11/1:

Scrambled pumpkins and Written Final Study guides 1-3

In class Thursday 10/31:

Halloween Assignment Make a copy of the form and fill it out after watching the video and submit.

In class and outside practice due Wednesday 10/30:

Watch video from time 1:00. fill out worksheet form unit 4 packet (page 179-180).

4.1 minidialogues

Outside Practice for the week:

Written Final Study guides 1-3 (due Friday 11/1).

Outside Practice due Monday 10/28:

Through Deaf Eyes Packet.

Be ready for quiz on movie on Monday.

Know these topics specifically for the quiz:


Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet


Laurent Clerc



Residential (Deaf) Schools

Oral Schools

"Curing" Deafness


Oral Method


In Class Thursday and Friday 10/24-10/25:

Through Deaf Eyes Movie

Through Deaf Eyes packet



Unit 3 packet

Unit 3 vocab list

Mrs. Campbell's Unit 3 Vocab video

Mrs. Cottingham's Unit 3 Vocab video

Unit 3 Expressive:

Unit 3 Expressive requirements

Unit 3 expressive rubric 

Outside Practice for the weekend 10/19-10/20:

Work on practicing your expressive and reviewing vocab for your receptive test. Expressive on Tuesday and Receptive on Wednesday. On Monday I will have a sub and you are to answer the questions to the movie and turn them in Monday or on Tuesday.

SuperDeafy Movie Questions

Glossed version of your unit 3 expressive due Friday in class. Be ready to sign it as a practice run!

In class Wednesday 10/16:

Watch Autobiographies 1-3 and write in the story for each.


Work on Presentations due Thursday. work on Expressives for unit 3-Visual, Gloss, and signing. Be ready to sign your expressive as a "rough draft" on Friday in class for feedback.

In class Tuesday 10/15:

3.13 narratives (p.148 in packet)

Outside Practice due Friday 10/11:

Minidialogues 3.12 (p.144-145)

3.12 Minidialogues

Bingo Card

Outside Practice due Thursday 10/10:

Be ready for FS/Numbers/Vocab quiz Thursday.

Be ready for Glossing Quiz on Friday.

Outside Practice due Wednesday 10/9:

Elevator Incident

Answer questions from the video from page 137 in packet. If you do not have it write answers on separate paper.

Unit 3 packet (need to go to page 137)

Be ready for vocab/fs/numbers quiz wed and glossing quiz on Friday. Work on presentation due next week and start your house visual for expressive in 2 weeks. Study and review vocab from unit 1, 2, and 3 for receptive test in 2 weeks.

Fingerspelling practice video

Outside Practice due Tuesday 10/8:

Unit 3 parameters puzzle

In class Monday 10/7:

watch video of all three and write down information and need expressed (from packet)-packet only has 2 but please write all three dialogues down.

Expressing Need

And this glossing practice:

Glossing practice

Outside Practice due Monday 10/7:

Slideshow submitted in turn in form and slideshow sheet turned in during class Monday. No lates accepted.

Outside Practice due Friday 10/4:

Word search unit 3

In class Thursday 10/3:

Identify and Draw in packet for practice and

Minidialogues 3.9 in packet turned in. 

Minidialogues 3.9

Outside Practice due Thursday 10/3:

Glossing and Parameters (Minimal Pairs) Practice

In class Tuesday 10/1 and outside practice due 10/2:

Glossing Practice

Outside practice due Tuesday 10/1:

page 129 in your packet

Write the number/How many

In class Friday 9/27 and outside practice due Monday 9/30:

Gloss Unit 4.

Deaf Culture research form due Monday-no lates accepted!

In class and for outside practice due Friday:

We watched the movie "Confessions"

Confessions movie

Answer all questions on sheet

Confessions questions

Be ready for Fingerspelling/Numbers quiz Friday.

Outside Practice due Thursday 9/26:

Minidialogues p. 120

3.5 minidialogues (p.120)

Work on research for Deaf Culture project-form due Monday.

Outside Practice due Wednesday 9/25:

Do write the word:

Write the word

Work on research for Deaf Culture project-form due Monday.

In class Tuesday 9/24:

Watch Minidialogue and fill out paper.

3.1 minidialogue

Outside Practice for Tuesday, 9/24: Pick a partner and 2-3 topics for your presentation. We will be picking partners and topics tomorrow.


Unit 3 gloss packet



Outside Practice for Thursday 9/19: 

1) Review:

Describing a person Expressive Biographies (please practice all of these. You will get one to do for your test).

Describing a person expressive descriptions (please practice describing all of these people. You will get one to do for the test).

Describing a person expressive rubric (How I am grading you on the expressive test).

2) Review Vocab for receptive test on Friday:

ASL 1 Unit 2 vocab list

Mrs. Cottingham's Unit 2 vocab list video

Mrs. Campbell's Unit 2 vocab list video

In class Wednesday 9/18: We filled out the autobiographies (last page of packet) and turned them in. We practiced all biographies for expressive test on Thursday. Played Bingo for Vocab review.


Outside Practice for Wednesday 9/18: Parameters crossword

Parameters Puzzle

And fill out bingo card with vocab unit 2 words.

Outside Practice for Tuesday 9/17: Names and Tidbits and glossing errors (if not finished in class).

Name and Tidbits Video

Gloss errors

Unit 2 Expressive:

Describing a person Expressive Biographies (please practice all of these. You will get one to do for your test).

Describing a person expressive descriptions (please practice describing all of these people. You will get one to do for the test).

Describing a person expressive rubric (How I am grading you on the expressive test).

ASL 1 Unit 2 vocab list

Mrs. Cottingham's Unit 2 vocab list video

Mrs. Campbell's Unit 2 vocab list video

Outside Practice for Monday 9/16: Deaf Panel Sheet filled out AFTER viewing Deaf Panel. This is a quiz grade. 

Deaf Panel Sheet

Do "Draw the Shape" on page 76 of packet.

Draw the Shape

Review vocab list all vocab and numbers 1-30. Know how to recognize a simple math equation.

Outside Practice for Thursday 9/12: Watch video from 31:55-34:13. Do Write the Number on pages 73-74 in your Unit 2 packet.

Write the Number 31:55-34:13

Outside Practice for Wednesday 9/11: Review unit  1 and 2 vocab by watching vocab videos 1 and 2 with printed lists.

Outside practice for Tuesday 9/10: Review unit  1 and 2 vocab by watching vocab videos 1 and 2 with printed lists.

Outside Practice for Monday 9/8: Do Unit 2 glossing packet and Parameters #3

Unit 2 gloss packet

Parameters #3

In class for Friday 9/6: Fingerspelling/Numbers quiz #2.

Deaf Panel Question Signed and Glossed.

Outside Practice for Friday 9/6: Color by number Fish:

Color by number fish

Fingerspelling/numbers quiz for numbers 1-20 on Friday. Know Deaf Panel question glossed and signed.

In Class for Thursday 9/4: Did minidioalgues from first page of unit 2 packet. Make it up in intervention (2nd lunch). Review vocab. Know numbers 1-30.

Outside Practice for Thursday 9/5: Do word search due Thursday.

Word search (page 3)

In Class Thursday 9/4: Started new vocab from unit 2. worked on Deaf Panel Question glossed and signed due Friday.

2.1 minidialogues 1:33-4:06



In Class Tuesday 9/3: Unit 1 Receptive Test and worked on Deaf Panel question. Deaf Panel Question is due signed and GLOSSED on Thursday.

Outside Practice for Tuesday 9/4:

Review Unit 1 vocab, acronyms, Gallaudet paper, glossing unit 1, and parameters for Test on Tuesday.

In class Friday 8/30:

We watched the film: 


Answer the questions in complete sentences.


Outside Practice for Friday 8/30:

This is due FRIDAY:

Watch video from 1:39-5:34. Do minidialogues 1-3 in your packet (last page). After viewing the dialogues you can watch from 5:35-13:27 for some vocab review as well.

Unit 1 Minidialogues 1-3

Outside Practice for Thursday 8/29:

Do the self eval page "rate yourself" (page after "getting other's attention" in your packet). Look over Deaf Panel questions and pick 2 you think you'd like to ask from the list:

Questions to ask a Deaf Panel

Outside Practice for Wednesday 8/28:Parameters practice number 2. And review all vocab using the videos and lists.

Parameters #2

Mrs. Cottingham's vocab Video Unit 1

Mrs. Campbell's Vocab video Unit 1

Unit 1 vocab list

Outside practice for Tuesday 8/27:

Do glossing packet Unit 1 pages 131-133. (pages on the bottom of each sheet). Write the gloss on a separate paper

Glossing packets

Fill out bingo card given to you with vocab words from vocab list Unit 1. (Do not do individual letters or numbers).

ASL 1 Vocab list #1

Outside Practice for Monday 8/26: Answer questions from the video "UnderDogs".

Underdogs write up questions

Underdogs Video

Review all vocab from Unit 1 and watch both my video and Mrs. Cottingham's video below.

Mrs. Cottingham's vocab Video Unit 1

Mrs. Campbell's Vocab video Unit 1

Unit 1 vocab list

Outside Practice for Friday 8/23:

Parameters unit 1 worksheet

In class Wednesday 8/21:

Minidialogues on page 18 (after the "circle the letter" page). We turned those in. 

OUTSIDE PRACTICE For Thursday 8/22:

Practice receptive (watching) fingerspelling and numbers 1-15.

Review all vocab covered so you don't forget everyday.

In class Tuesday 8/20: we did 1st page of packet in class with a partner, and page 13 (top half). Please make this up, if you were absent, in intervention (2nd lunch). 

Outside Practice for Wednesday 8/21:

Do the Unscramble worksheet due Wednesday.

Unscramble worksheet


Deaf Culture and History Presentation

Deaf culture slides #2

Fingerspelling alphabet

Fingerspelling book for expressive drills practice

Fingerspelling practice tool

ASL 1 Vocab Lists

ASL 1 Vocab List Videos


ASL 1 Worksheets/Outside practice


ASL 1 Course Documents

Deaf Historical Events

Essential Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course students will be able to:
  1. Carry on most regular classroom activities completely in ASL.
  2. Use ASL accurately and effectively to prepare and deliver formal and informal presentations about yourself and Deaf culture.
  3. Initiate and correctly respond to basic conversation about yourself and others in ASL.
  4. Adhere to Culturally Appropriate Norms as they relate to Deaf Culture while in the ASL classroom.
  5. Write in gloss formal and informal signed presentations following ASL glossing rules and ASL grammatical structure.
  6. Respect the Deaf community as a cultural minority and respect ASL as a visual language.