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ASL 2 Spring 17

This is where you will find the agenda for the day (While I will do my best to update daily,  but it is your responsibility to write it down while in class)

ASL 2 Agenda pic Sp17


Fox and crow- fable example



SONGS tomorrow!!!

10.7 video Do in your packet



Answer in packet!! 

Video for 9.3 Times- Write down #8-20 on a piece of paper


Phone Numbers 8.6 Watch and Write down the numbers (part 1) then the reason (part 2)

Panel on Tuesday!!!! no weekends

8.4 Dialogue watch and write them on another paper Due Wednesday

8.1 mini dialogue   Watch mini dialogue 1 and 2 and complete it in your packet (for extra practice watch the rest)

Gloss unit 7


1-25 We did our receptive tests
Study for Expressive test- describing items




Finish this culture review survey by Friday before class

Get papers signed and join remind

Bring a 3 ring binder- best if it is 1 1/2 inch or bigger
 with lined paper and with 6 dividers- Warm up,  fingerspelling and numbers, culture, In class, vocabulary, and homework 

OUR CODE IS  @asl2sp17
  1. How to join remind 

To receive messages via email: Send a blank email to Again, if the class code is "math" you would send a blank email to: 

  1. Text -
  2. Subscribers text a class @code to a Remind Phone Number. For US teachers, the Remind number is 81010. For example, if the code is @math and the phone number is 81010, you would text @math to 81010 
  1. Download the Remind app
    Remind is available on iOS and Android devices. Anyone can download Remind, create an account and join a class quickly by using a class @code or search for your teacher's class. 
  1. OR  Head to
  2. Teachers, parents, and students can all head to our website and join a class. Just click "Sign up" on the home page to create an account. Once logged in, you can easily join/leave classes and manage notification choices. If you don't have an email address, you can visit to enter the class code and your phone number there.



Remind - also in the homework form the first day

Deaf EventsAttend a Deaf Event. You must go for a minimum of one hour and use ASL for the entire time (no talking!) Complete the paper.

Then you will tell the class IN SIGN about the experience including all the in the paper

One part = 5 points

Both parts = 10 points



Study the Vocab

By the end of Unit 7 you should be able to:
      point out a person using body position or clothing
      describe items that are not present
       correctly fingerspell   clothing related words 
       Use drive-to, take-to, and pick-up correctly

By the end of unit 8 you should be able to:
     Explain a situation before asking a favor
      Politely decline a request or agree with conditions
     Use conjunctions
     Ask for advice
     Modify agreement verbs

By the end of Unit 9 you should be able to:
     Describe your neighborhood
     Tell time
     Give directions
     Describe a restaurant and its food

By the end of unit 10 you should be able to:
    Describe a person's tendency
    Use role shifting to give opinion on someone
    Use contrastive structure
    Use sequence to tell where an item is located

By the end of unit 11 you should be able to:
    Discuss a person's level of knowledge and ability
    Fingerspell/ Sign the States
    Invite others to events
    Talk about bucket list
    Use horizontal listing

By the end of unit 12 you should be able to:
    Use classifiers to tell story
    Sign Fable 

YouTube Video

Essential Learning Outcomes
  1. You will be able to carry on most regular classroom activities completely in ASL.
  2. You will be able to use ASL accurately and effectively to prepare and deliver formal and informal presentations about yourself and Deaf Culture.
  3. You will be able to initiate and correctly respond to basic conversation about food, meals and personal preferences in ASL.
  4. You will be able to recognize, discuss and describe common activities in past, present and future tense in ASL.
  5. You will gloss in ASL and perform a song, poem, short story, or skit in ASL.
  6. You will participate in a simulated open-air market, buy and sell items and effectively use vocabulary related to shopping.