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This is where you will find the agenda for the day (While I will do my best to update daily, it is your responsibility to write it down while in class) 

ASL 1 Agenda Picture Fall17

ASL 1 Weekly Video HW


Whats coming up


Through Deaf Eyes quiz tomorrow- 20 points 4 questions 1 paragraph each




Study Guide #3 in study section -------->



  1. Why didn’t Daphne want an interpreter for cooking class?

  2. What happened when Daphne asked about vegetarian option for hamburgers?

  3. Bay and Emmett talk about the picture how did they communicate?

  4. What happened in cooking class? And the next day?

  5. How did Daphne feel about the cochlear implant? How does Regina/ Katherine respond?

  6. What event changed Daphne’s life?  How did Emmett meet her?

  7. Opinion: What do you think Bay was thinking when Emmett opened his door, after she heard what had happened to Daphne?

  8. What does Bay find in the garage?

  9. What does Daphne give the teacher/Chef to apologize? What does she say to the teacher / terp/ and girl in class?

  10. What happens in the end with Regina and Katherine?


 GLOSS CHECK- use this to check your gloss

Self evals and peer evals


  1. Why is Bay and Daphne not getting along?

  2. Why does Emmett want Daphne to break up with Liam?

  3. Who got invited to the party that the family is stressing about?

  4. Who is the drummer that Daphne knows? What does toby think?

  5. What happens with the girl and Emmett after the band (DETAIL!!!)?

  6. Why did Emmett want to leave the fundraiser? And why did he get upset at Daphne?

  7. What happened with Liam and Daphne?


Final study guide#1- over in study section--->

  1. Who did Kathrin’s friend think Regina was? What did they decide to say?

  2. Why was Daphne mad at Liam?

  3. What happened with Liam and the VRS?

  4. Why doesn’t Emmett want to date hearing girls?

  5. What does Daphne give Bay?



SAB Journal #2 Episode 2

1) At breakfast what happens with the rhubarb stuff?  At school with Emmett,  Daphne says how she feels about it. How does she feel?  

2) What was the Kennishes reaction to Emmett driving a motorcycle? What happens around dinner in relation?

3) Bay goes and asks Regina about being grounded. What happens?  Why does Regina act that way?

4) What does Liam learn about lip reading?

5) Why was Daphne upset with Liam?

6)What does Daphne tell the Kennish's at the end of the episode (related to Deaf)?

7) How does Emmett feel about Liam? Why do you think that?




SAB questions

SAB journal #1:

1) How did this whole search get started (what started the chain of events)?

2)When Kathrine first talks to Daphne at the house what does she do?

3) What was Bay’s reaction when she first meets   Daphne (threw the whole episode)?

4)How did Daphne go Deaf/ What does her hearing aid do?

5) What does John think of the cochlear implant?

6) What does John think of Daphne going to a Deaf school?

7) What happened when Toby and Emmett met?

8)What were the 3 times Ty meets Bay in the episode?

9) Do you think Daphne should go to Bay’s hearing school with an interpreter or stay at the Deaf school? Why?

The expressive test will be next Tuesday/ Wed you will be  describing a person (picture given) and give their language background


Clerc packet in file above

all 3 of the Football videos



Finish the Auslan Questions Watch the video if  you missed it

Quiet Signs of Love Questions:                                              

Please answer in complete sentences. (10 points)

  1. What was your first impression? Of the movie, the relationship, being Deaf…

  2. How can they communicate better?

  3. How are Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and ASL Fingerspelling different?

  4. Why does Hannah tell Daniel that she doesn’t need his help?

  5. Why does Daniel get upset at the party?

  6. What did Daniel finally understand about Hannah?

  7. What did you like about the movie?

  8. Any other thoughts about the movie?

Make a foldable in relation to the 5 parameters - what are the 5 parameters and what do you know about each what about examples?
DO NOT  do it on binder paper. 

here are examples of foldables


Read over handouts and have parents sign

Bring a 3 ring binder- best if it is 1 1/2 inches or bigger
 with lined paper and with 5 dividers-  fingerspelling and numbers, Gloss, Culture, vocabulary, and  homework

Bring a spiral bound notebook with you name and ASL 1 and Block written on the cover

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Deaf culture People packets NEW


Remind- also in the first days homework

Attend a Deaf Event. You must go for a minimum of one hour and use ASL for the entire time (no talking!)

1)  You must provide proof that you attended (receipt, flyer, picture of you there, etc).

2) Then you will tell the class verbally about the experience including what is required in your paper.

One part = 5 points

Both parts = 10 points

Slides and Study guide

Slides and study guides

Deaf Culture-prezi

Glossing tips

Unit 2 you should be able to talk about someones likes, dislikes, describe a person based on clothing, talk about how someone is feeling, do addition and subtraction,  and which things it preferred. 

Unit 3  You should be able to describe pets, who you live with, your house, places around the school, directions, and how long something takes. 

Unit 4 
You should be able to talk about your family, use listing, use space to talk about multiple people, 

Unit 5 you should review vocabulary and be able to sign about calendar events and opinions. 

Essential Learning Outcomes
  1. You will be able to carry on most regular classroom activities completely in ASL.
  2. You will be able to use ASL accurately and effectively to prepare and deliver formal and informal presentations about yourself and Deaf culture.
  3. You will be able to initiate and correctly respond to basic conversation about yourself and others in ASL.
  4. You will be able to recognize, discuss and describe common activities in various tenses in ASL.You will be able to follow along with, describe, gloss, and create simple stories in ASL.
  5. You will be able to read and comprehend Deaf Cultural and Deaf Historical text as it relates to ASL.
  6. You will be able to write an analysis of Deaf Culture/Deaf History and compare and contrast Deaf and Hearing cultural norms as described in the text.

YouTube Video