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Enrichment Opportunities

On this page you will find opportunities to enrich your knowledge of World History and the possibly improve your grade. Certain restrictions apply.

In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you must first seek the approval of your instructor; that would be me. Students who are interested must first understand that "enrichment" does not mean "replace." These activities are not meant to take the place of regularly assigned activities; they are meant to bolster understanding and give students a chance to bump up a grade that has been earned by completing required assignments. No matter how many of these opportunities you attempt, if you have a failing grade in the class, these will not help you pass.

Enrichment opportunities may be started any time after the first progress report of the term; however, any points earned will not be applied until the last week of the term. Again, they are not "money in the bank" to insure that you pass this class. Do not neglect other required assignments by thinking that if you do enough enrichment, you will be safe. 

Points for enrichment activities are earned by successful completion of the assignment. This means that all instructions are followed and quality work is done.




This song is called "Nations of the World" and is sung by Yakko Warner of the Animaniacs. The assigment for this is simple: You will memorize the lyrics and the tune and then perform the song for the class using no cues but a karoke version of the music. Easy! Actually, this one is a bit difficult, so you have three attempts to get it perfect. Plan ahead for this one! BTW, your grade will not be determined on whether or not you can carry a tune.

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