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Plagiarism Warning

Plagerism Warning


This is very important. When you use words from

another person or publication in your writing, you are

using a source that must be identified. If you use

someone else’s ideas that are not general knowledge,

the source must be identified.

If you use someone else’s words or ideas without

giving proper credit, you are guilty of plagiarism,

which means stealing someone else’s work. Using

three or more words in a row from another writer

may constitute plagiarism. Changing around a few

words or sentences will not protect you from


Plagiarism is considered scholastic dishonesty, and it

is punishable under school district discipline rules.

Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for your


You will be submitting many of your assignments during the course of this term to One of the functions of this program is to check for a paper's originality. In other words, your work will be compared to written work that has been submitted by anyone on any website and will receive an originality report that indicates to what extent, if any, your work was copied from another source. This includes papers that have been submitted by other students in the Placer Union High School District, i.e., your peers in this and other World History classes. Your originality report will include direct quotes from sources that you should be citing in your paper, but these should be limited to about three.

Because of your ability to use direct quotes, your originality report may indicate that a certain portion of your paper has been plagiarized. This is normal, as long as you are citing your sources. However, any similarity to other published work that is not cited will be considered plagiarized.