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The Reformations

bulletAnabaptist-Mennonite History
bulletBaroque Art (Artcyclopedia)
bulletBaroque Music
bulletA Brief History of the Inquisition
bulletThe Bourbons:  A Genealogical Chart (France)
bulletThe Catholic Reformation (Professor Mark Gstohl, Xavier University, LA)
bulletThe Catholic Reformation Research Network
bulletThe Council of Trent - major documents
bulletDiscovery & Reformation
bulletEdward VI (of England) -- Protestantism
bulletEl Greco
bulletEl Greco Paintings (Artchive)
bulletElizabeth I
bulletThe Elizabeth Files
bulletEnglish Bible History
bulletThe English Reformation (Professor Mark Gstohl, Xavier University, LA)
bulletThe French Monarchy:  Genealogical Chart of the House of Valois
bulletThe German Reformation (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
bulletThe Great Schism: 1378-1415
bulletThe Gunpowder Plot Society
bulletThe Gutenberg Bible (1)
bulletThe Gutenberg Bible (2)
bulletHistorical Cheat Sheet article on the Tudor Period by Jean Mason
bulletHistory of Baroque Architecture
bulletInternet Modern History Sourcebook:  "The Early Modern West"

Italian Baroque Sculpture

bulletJohn Calvin (biography)
bulletJohn Knox (biography)
bulletLaws in Ireland for the Suppression of Popery (Penal Laws)
bulletLe Poulet Gauche - Life in 16c France
bulletThe Life and Times of William Shakespeare
bulletLife in Elizabethan England
bulletLife in Tudor Times
bullet"Luther and English Apocalypticism: The Role of Luther in Three Seventeenth-Century Commentaries on the Book of Revelation" - Benjamin A. Ehlers in Essays In History
bulletLutheran Hymnal Songs
bulletThe Magisterial Reformation (Professor Mark Gstohl, Xavier University, LA)
bulletMap-->"Europe After the Peace of Augsburg"
bulletMap-->"Europe in 1600"
bulletMap--> "Ireland: 1500"
bulletMap-->"The Reformation & Counter-Reformation"
bulletMap-->"Religious Divisions"
bulletMap Labeling Self-Quiz->The Reformation (Kagan text site)
bullet"The Medieval Synthesis Under Attack: Savonarola and the Protestant Reformation" - Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
bulletMartin Luther
bulletMartin Luther, The Reluctant Revolutionary (PBS series)
bulletThe Papacy:  Its Corporate Culture Identity - information on the popes from the White Robed Monks of St. Benedict
bulletPoetry of Queen Elizabeth I
bulletPrinting: The Renaissance & Reformation
bulletProject Wittenberg
bulletProtestant England
bulletThe Radical Reformation (Professor Mark Gstohl, Xavier University, LA)
bulletReadings from the Protestant & Counter Reformations
bulletThe Reformation - general overview with a nice chart at the bottom comparing Protestant and Catholic beliefs
bulletReformation Happens (Professor Mark Gstohl)
bulletThe Reformation in England (BBC)
bulletReformation Ink - classic Reformation documents
bulletReformation Picture Gallery (people)
bulletThe Reformation Theology Reading Guide 
bulletThe Religious Situation in Europe - map (1560)
bullet"Seicento 17th Century" (National Gallery of Australia - 3 Centuries of Italian Art)
bulletSelected Works of Martin Luther
bulletShakespeare Resource Center
bulletThe Six Wives of Henry VIII of England
bulletThe Society of Jesus
bulletSpain and the Reformation - resources and links
bulletThe Spanish Habsburgs:  Genealogical Chart 
bulletSuppression of the English Monasteries under Henry VIII
bulletTriumph of the Baroque - NGA
bulletTudor Court
bulletTudor England:  1495-1603
bulletTudor Genealogy Chart (England) - in the middle of the large chart
bulletTudor History
bulletThe Tudors (BBC)
bulletThe Wars of Religion
bullet"The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation


                              How to read a primary source document
 Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet1396-97:  The Twelve Conclusions of the Lollards
bullet1407:  The Examination of Master William Thorpe, priest, Of Heresy, Before Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury  
bullet1427:  Diabolical Seduction - A Witch on Trial
bullet1437-1486:  Witchcraft Documents (including an excerpt from the Malleus Maleficarum)
bullet1485:  Bull of Pope Innocent III on the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
bullet1486:  The Malleus Maleficarum excerpt (in the middle of the page)
bulletearly 16c:  Lyrics of Henry VIII
bullet1500?:  A description of Henry VII from Polydore Vergil's The Anglia Historica 1485-1537
bullet1502:  The death of Prince Arthur  ;   Another account of the death of Prince Arthur
bullet1505-44:  Letters of the Six Wives of Henry VIII
bullet1509:  Henry VII's obituary
bullet1509:  Henry VIII & Katharine of Aragon's coronations at Westminster Abbey
bullet1513:  "The Lyrics of Henry VIII" - some examples of his poetry
bullet1515:  A contemporary description of Henry VIII
bullet1517:  95 Theses - Martin Luther
bullet1520s?:  Poetry about Anne Boleyn
bullet1520:  Martin Luther - On Christian Liberty
bullet1520:  Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation - Martin Luther
bullet1520:  Bull Exsurge Domine
bullet1521:  The Imperial Edict of Worms
bullet1522:  Martin Luther's Definition of Faith
bullet1523:  The Romance of Anne Boleyn & Henry Percy
bullet1523:  "On Secular Authority: How Far Does Obedience Owed to It Extend?" - Martin Luther
bullet1524-1525:  Erasmus & Luther debate - On Free Will and Salvation
bullet1525:  Against the Murderous and Thieving Hordes of Peasants - Martin Luther
bullet1536:  The German Mass and Order of Divine Service (January)
bullet1527:  The Execution of Michael Sattler
bullet1527:  The Schleitheim Confession
bullet1529:  "A Might Fortress is Our God" - hymn written by Martin Luther
bullet1530:  The Augsburg Confession - Martin Luther (full text)
bullet1530s:  Contemporary Descriptions of Anne Boleyn
bullet1530s:  The fall of Cardinal Wolsey
bullet1530s: "On Predestination" - John Calvin
bullet1530s:  Selections from Henry VIII's love letters to Anne Boleyn
bullet1531:  Sebastian Franck's letter to Campanus
bullet1533:  Birth Announcement of Princess Elizabeth (9/7)
bullet1533:  The Coronation of Anne Boleyn - recorded by Edward Hall
bullet1533:  Letter of Thomas Cranmer on Henry VIII's Divorce
bullet1533:  The Works of Elizabeth I
bullet1534:  Act of Supremacy (Henry VIII of England)
bullet1535:  The executions of John Fisher, Thomas More & others
bullet1535:  The Last Letter of Sir Thomas More
bullet1536:  Act for the Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries [in England]
bullet1536:  Anne Boleyn's Speech at Her Execution
bullet1536:  A contemporary account of Anne Boleyn's execution
bullet1536:  Draft of a Poor Law - England - William Marshall
bullet1536:  The Fall of Anne Boleyn
bullet1536:  Letter of Princess Mary to Her Father, King Henry VIII
bullet1536:  The Pilgrimage of Grace
bullet1536-46:  Letters and Instructions - St. Ignatius Loyola
bullet1537:  Jane Seymour's pregnancy is announced
bullet1537:  The Smalcald Articles - Martin Luther
bullet1539:  Act for the Dissolution of Greater Monasteries [in England]
bullet1539:  Anne of Cleves arrives in England & marries Henry VIII
bullet1539:  The Six Articles
bullet1539:  The Suppression of Glastonbury Abbey
bullet1540:  Institutes of the Christian Religion - John Calvin (full text)
bullet1541:  Ecclesiastical Ordinances
bullet1541:  The Fall of Catherine Howard
bullet1541:  Spiritual Exercises - St. Ignatius Loyola
bullet1542:  Pope Paul III - Canons of Justification (from the Council of Trent)
bullet1543:  "The Jews and Their Lives" - Martin Luther
bullet1543:  The Necessity of Reforming the Church - John Calvin
bullet1554:  Letter of Queen Elizabeth to to Catherine Parr
bullet1545:  Henry VIII's speech before Parliament
bullet1545-1563:  The Council of Trent - first session
bullet1547:  "Decree on Justification" (6th. Session) - Council of Trent
bullet1547:  The Council of Trent: Catechism for Parish Priests
bullet1547:  The Council of Trent: Rules on Prohibited Books
bullet1575:  Ordinances For The Regulation of the Churches Dependent Upon the Seigniory of Geneva
bullet1549:  Act of Uniformity
bullet1549:  Edward VI's journal
bullet1549:  Wedding Ceremony -- From the prayerbook of Edward VI
bullet1550:  John Knox - The Mass is Idolatry
bullet1550:  The Magdeburg Confession
bullet1551:  Letter of Edward VI to His Sister Mary
bullet1551:  St. Francis Xavier - Letter from Japan, to the Society of Jesus at Goa
bullet1552:  The Execution of the Duke of Somerset
bullet1552:  St. Francis Xavier - Letter from Japan, to the Society of Jesus in Europe
bullet1553:  Circular Letter to the Lieutenants of Counties, Announcing the Accession of Lady Jane [Gray] to the Crown
bullet1553:  The Coronation of Queen Jane
bullet1553:  John Knox - Treatise on Prayer
bullet1553-1554:  State Papers of the Reign of Queen Mary I
bullet1554:  The Executions of Lady Jane Grey and Lord Guildford Dudley
bullet1554:  Letter of Lady Jane Grey to Mary I
bullet1554:  Mary I's speech at the Guildhall
bullet1555:  Peace of Augsburg - select documents
bullet1556:  The Execution of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer
bullet1556:  John Knox - Answers to Some Questions Concerning Baptism
bullet1557:  A Contemporary Description of Mary I
bullet1557-1566:  Excerpts from the Index of Prohibited Books
bullet1558:  "Faith and Justification" from The Christian Faith - Theodore Beza
bullet1558:  The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women - John Knox
bullet1558:  Mary Tudor's Will
bullet1559:  Elizabeth I's speech to Parliament concerning marriage (2/10)
bullet1559:  Elizabeth I's "Supremacy Act"
bullet1560:  The Scottish Confession of Faith
bullet1561-4:  History of the Reformation of Religion Within the Realm of Scotland (first interview with Queen Mary - John Knox
bullet1563:  Acts of the Council of Trent
bullet1563:  The 39 Articles
bullet1563-65:  The Reformed Church 'Under the Cross'- Extracts from the so-called Walloon Synods
bullet1565:  "The Harvesters" - painting by Pieter Brueghel, the Elder
bullet1566:  Calvinist Preaching in French Flanders
bullet1566:  Eye-Witness Account of Image-breaking at Antwerp, Flanders, Tourne, Holland, Utrect, and Friedland
bullet1568:  "The Peasant Dance" - painting by Pieter Brueghel, the Elder
bullet1568:  "The Peasant Wedding" - painting by Pieter Brueghel, the Elder
bullet1570:  Instructions issued on behalf of my Lord, the Prince of Orange (11/24)
bullet1570:  Pope Pius V's Bull Against Queen Elizabeth I
bullet1571, 1662:  The Thirty-Nine Articles
bullet1571:  Treasons Act (Elizabeth I's reign)
bullet1572:  The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day - by the historian De Thou (1553-1617)
bullet1583:  Queen Elizabeth's speech on religion
bullet1584:  The Bond of Association
bullet1585:  The Act of Association
bullet1586:  Letter from Queen Elizabeth to Mary of Scotland (October)
bullet1587:  The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
bullet1587:  The Last Letter of Mary, Queen of Scots
bullet1586:  Letter from Elizabeth I to Mary, Queen of Scots
bullet1587:  Letter from Elizabeth I to James VI of Scotland
bullet1593:  Act Against the Puritans - Elizabeth I
bullet1597:  A private audience with Queen Elizabeth I as recorded by Andre Hurault the French Ambassador (12/8)
bullet1600:  "Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple" - painting by El Greco
bullet1601:  British Poor Law
bullet1601:  Queen Elizabeth's "Golden Speech" concerning England's economic state of affairs (11/30)
bullet1604:  James I's Proclamation for the Use of the Book of Common Prayer
bullet1605:  Transcript of the Trial of Guy Fawkes and others in the Gunpowder Plot
bullet1606:  "The Arraignment and Execution of Guy Fawkes" - The Weekely Newes (1/1)
bullet1606:  Religious Conditions in the Province of Utrecht
bullet1616:  Shakespeare's Last Will and Testament
bullet1617:  Hsu Kuang-Chi - Memorial to Fra Matteo Ricci
bullet1623:  The Elizabethan Homilies
bullet1623-24:  "David" - sculpture by Bernini
bullet1629:  Resolutions on Religion Presented by a Committee of The House of Commons
bullet1644:  Letter to the Kirks in the Netherlands
bullet1645-52:  "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa of Avila" - sculpture by Gianlorenzo Bernini
bullet1662:  The English Book of Common Prayer