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AP European History

AP European History Reading/Assignment Calendar

Overview of AP European History from AP Central

The AP European History course focuses on developing students’ understanding of European history from approximately 1450 to the present. The course has students investigate the content of European history for significant events, individuals, developments, and processes in four historical periods, and develop and use the same thinking skills and methods (analyzing primary and secondary sources, making historical comparisons, chronological reasoning, and argumentation) employed by historians when they study the past. The course also provides five themes (interaction of Europe and the world, poverty and prosperity, objective knowledge and subjective visions, states and other institutions of power, and individual and society) that students explore throughout the course in order to make connections among historical developments in different times and places.

College Course Equivalent

AP European History is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester introductory college or university European history course.


There are no prerequisites for AP European History. Students should be able to read a college-level textbook and write grammatically correct, complete sentences.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook                                                            AP European History Topics
                                                                                                                               The Renaissance                                        
Links to Additional Information and Research                                            The Protestand Reformation and Religious Wars                                                                                                                                                              The Commercial Revolution       
Homework/Reading Assignments                                                                The Age of Absolutism
                                                                                                                               The Scientific Revolution
Dartmouth Academic Skills Center                                                                The Enlightenment
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