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US History through Film

COME WATCH US HISTORY MOVIES During Enrichment Time Room 605.  

Below is the tentative schedule of movies to be shown.  Each movie also includes a link to a description.

Oct 18th - Oct 25st: 
                Topic: Women's Suffrage
                Iron Jawed Angels (2004)
                rating: Not Rated
Oct 26th - Nov 2st:
                Topic: 1930s
                Cinderella Man (2005)
                rating: PG-13

Nov 3rd - Nov 16th:
                Topic: WWII
                Tuskegee Airmen

Will not start a new movie until after Thanksgiving do to switch in Tutorial groups. Students are welcome to join me for study hall or discussion on US history films.  

Nov  29th - Dec 6th or 7th
                Topic: Cold War
                Thirteen Days (2000)
                rating: PG-13

Dec 6th or 7th - End of term