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Development and Personality



The Developing Child
Maturing & Aging
Teratogens and their effects on the Developing Brain and Mind
Capabilities of the Newborn
Infant Cognitive Development
Social Development in Infancy
The Effect of Aging on Cognitive Function: Nature/Nurture
Effects of Mental & Physical Activity on the Brain/Mind
Infant Speech Sound Discrimination
Language Predisposition
Secrets of the Wild Child
Sex & Gender
Infancy & Early Childhood (Birth - Age 5)
Childhood & Adolescence (Ages 6-20)
Early Adulthood (Ages 20-40)
Middle Adulthood (Ages 40-60)
Late Adulthood (Ages 60+)
Harlows Monkey Experiments
Strange Situation
Mind of a Rampage Killer
Do Adolescents Lack Empathy
Piaget Conservation of Liquid Task
Sexual Identity Goes Awry
The Two Faces of Autism
Theory of Mind: Taking the Perspectives of Others
Personality Structure: Id, Ego, and Superego
Personality and the Brain
A Happiness Trait
The Self
Crash Course Rorshach & Freudians
Stress: Locus of Control & Predictability