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AP European History

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Welcome!  I am very excited to be teaching AP European History!   If you have any questions about the course for the 2018/19 school year, please email me, or come by my classroom, #606.
Tom Richey

Review resources


Crazy good review sheets!
Nineteenth century Review
Assignments / Agenda

Pre-semester reading for Spring students is due on the first day of the Spring semester.


Read Chapters 12-14 (you do not need to read chapter 11) in McKay and complete Cornell Notes and the identifications (see below) for all three chapters.  For instructions on Cornell notes, see the left column with links to help!

Happy Reading!

The Prince Summer Assignment is due on the first day of school, August 14, no matter if you are enrolled in my class for the fall OR spring semester.  Happy reading!

 There is a a summer assignment. It is due on the first day of school!  

The Prince summer assignment info for submitting The Prince assignment:

ID:  18336102

Key: goldeneagles

Chapter Identifications:

Chapter 12 Ids

Chapter 13 Ids

Chapter 14 Ids

Chapter 15 Ids

Chapter 16 Ids

Chapter 17 Ids

Chapter 18 Ids

Chapter 19 Ids

Chapter 20 Ids

Chapter 21 Ids 

Chapter 22 Ids

Chapter 23 Ids

Chapter 24 Ids

Chapter 25 ids

Chapter 26 Ids

Chapter 27 Ids

Chapter 28 Ids

Chapter 29 Ids

Power Point Presentations 

Renaissance Life and Thought images

Wars of Religion