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Unit 2 - Growth and Expansion

Unit 2 describes how the United States transforms itself from a mostly rural, agricultural society to an urban, industrial one. Farmers, miners, and ranchers settle all regions of the West, costing Native Americans their land. Large businesses begin to dominate the economy. Providing much of the labor for these huge new concerns are millions of immigrants who stream to the major cities of the North and East. New manufacturing and selling techniques begin to create mass consumer markets for goods and services and also lead to the need for drastic reforms in the working and living environments of both new and old Americans.    


What factors contributed to the Chinese Exclusion Act?

How successful were photographs in demonstrating the conditions of immigrants during the Guilded Age?

Plessy v. Ferguson

The Photos of Jacob Riis 

Photo Analysis Sheet

Were the Irish Considered White in the 19th Century?

Why did the Democrats defeat the Fusion ticket in the 1898 North Carolina election?

What was so popular about Populism?

The Haymarket Square bombing: Was Albert Parsons a dangerous man?

Why did the Homestead Strike turn violent?

How did Chicago newspapers cover the Pullman strike?

Were political bosses corrupt?

Structured Academic Controversy: The Settlement House Movement: What were the attitudes of settlement house social reformers towards immigrants?

Who was a stronger advocate for African Americans?  

Prohibition: Why did America Change Its Mind?

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
The Shame of the Cities Response Form

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Response Form

Essential Questions

  1. What reasons does one country take control over another country/territory?
  2. Was American expansion overseas justified?
  3. How did the media influence popular opinion?
  4. What reasons did the United States have to go to war with Spain?
  5. Should the United States have acquired possessions overseas?
Philippine-American War Political Cartoons

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