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The Study of Life...

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Course Information

Welcome to Biology at Del Oro High School. New Students and Parents, please take the time to review and electronically verify receipt of the course syllabus and technology use policy.
Were will be studying the following while taking a "tour" through California. 
  • Introduction: Today’s environment, What is ecology?, The Role of Climate, The theme of interconnectedness and interdependence in ecology, Levels of Ecological Organization

  • Biomes: Overview of the major terrestrial biomes

  • Ecosystems: Energy Flow Through the Ecosystem, cycles

  • Community: Community Interactions

  • Populations: Characteristics of Populations, Population Dynamics

  • Humans in the environment: resources, ozone, greenhouse gases

  • Plants: Introduction to plant anatomy, plant reproduction

  • Cells and their organelles, homeostasis

  • Protein synthesis and DNA

  • Cell division and genetics

Assignments / Agenda

While general daily and weekly agendas will be posted on the Google Calendar above, assignments and quizzes will be managed through Google Classroom.  Inside Google Classroom, you will find the assignment prompts, due dates, rubrics, etc. Students enrolled in the course can access the Google Classroom account here.