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Unit 6: Electricity

    1.  Motor        Due:  6/1
Test:  Electricity test 6/1
Final Exam:  6/4

5/12: HW: Read and take notes:  pg. 388-390, pg. 398-412
5/13:  Ohm's Law and circuit Lecture Notes/Complete  Circuit HW #1 during class/No HW
5/14: Review HW/More Ohm's Law problems with equivalent resistance for parallel and series circuits/Introduce light bulb circuits on bread boards/HW: Circuit HW #2
5/15: Collect HW/ Bread board circuit work time/Review problems on board/Review HW/HW: Ohm's law problems
5/18: Review problems and homework/HW: complex resistor worksheet

5/19:  Review Complex resistor worksheet and try circuits with light bulbs & Discuss voltage drop with Problem #7/HW: Finish Complex resistor worksheet 1-6.
5/20:  Review complex resistor worksheet and circuit #1 and circuit #2 sheets/Practice sheet: Circuit 1a & 1b/HW:  Electricity and magnetism reading. pg. 418-427 & 436-438 with note taking.
5/21:  More on Voltage drop lecture & magnet demo/put complex circuit answers on board for 1 a & 1 b./ Circuit worksheet & collect/ Electric motor handout & get materials together
5/26: Review problems/magnet in copper pipe/Start Electric motors/HW: Electricity and electric potential worksheet
5/27: Circuit worksheet & turn in/ Rev. HW/Work on Electric motors/HW: Practice Test
5/28:  Work on Electric motors  and Review practice test/HW: Study Practice Test
5/29: Senior Picnic:  Review current and old material/Work on Electric Motors/HW: Study for test
6/1: Electricity Test/Finish Electric motors/HW: Write a topic list for all units.
6/2: Review final topics list /HW: Practice problems/Review Final Practice Problems