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Unit 3: Energy Transport, Waves & Light

3/27:  Pick new partner and seats/Read & take notes on wave handout/Complete waves worksheet /HW: 1. Finish worksheet if needed by Referencing pages 324-336 of text book 2.Wave Youtube video

4/7: Wave Nodes & Antinode reading and questions from The Physics Classroom website/Demo on Fundamental Frequencies/Collect Homework/Wave lab with springs/HW: 1.  Wave Practice Problems
4/8: Debrief Wave lab and discuss results/Wave practice problems on board/ Resonance  & Noise Canceling headphones/Wine glass sound waves - Make a song, record and e-mail Mrs. Luci/HW: 1. Read and notes pages 342-355  2.  What is causing the sound from the wine goblets?  3.  How can you change the pitch (Frequency) of the sound?
4/9: Torsional Wave Video/Speed of Sound Lab with Calcs/Review HW/HW: 1. Finish Lab calcs 2. Read and notes on pgs. 418-426  Use the Wave review website to help complete all wave worksheets
4/10:  Collect Speed of Sound Lab & two wave worksheets/Snell's Law with speed of light and n = c/v equation/Fiber Optics video/Snell's Law Lab/

4/13: More on Snell's Law & finish lab if needed & Collect/ Snell's Law problems - finish as HW/Magnet overview and speaker handout/Begin work on speakers/HW
4/14:   lens information and instruction sheet, Lens Lab Data Collection/HW: Read and notes, pgs. 489, 492-497,505-510
4/15: [SUB] Finish Lens Lab calculations and turn in/ Lens Ray Diagram Worksheet, Snell's Law Practice Problems, Wave Practice Problems/HW: Finish all review worksheets from class.
4/16:  Work on speakers/HW: Pass out review sheet for lens worksheet & Review notes, homework and handouts for test
4/17: Review worksheets for test /Finish  speakers
4/20:  Wave open note test/Test  Speakers /HW:  Research bridge designs  2.  Reading about arches and spanning distances  3.  Statics & Dynamics Basic Information Handout - Read pages 62-63 and take notes.
Test:  4/20 (Open Note)