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Unit 2: Forces, Fields & Energy

    1. Drag Racer        Due: 3/25 ,  Calculations Due: 3/26
Unit 2 Test: 3/13
Midterm Exam:   3/24
2/12: New Seats/Read and Take notes on Chapters 5 & 6 [Momentum & energy]: Conceptual Physics/Momentum Lecture from students doing pass the pen./Rocket launch angles and calcs/HW: Finish Rocket Calcs
2/13:  Rocket Calcs Due/ Teach Chapters 5 & 6 by students/HW:  If you earned less than a 70% on the Unit 1 test; complete test corrections and turn in on 2/23/15.

2/23:  Conservation of energy vs. kinematics and force net problems/Physics Energy HW sheet/ HW: Finish physics energy sheet

2/24: Conservation of energy and review problems//Review Problems/HW: Physics HW sheet

2/25:  Centripetal vs. Centrifugal Video/ Collect HW/  Introduction to Circular motion (Linear speed vs. rotational speed, Centripetal force vs. centrifugal force/Review problems on board/HW: Read circular motion lab

2/26: Review yesterday's #3 and HW/angular velocity and angular acceleration, uniform circular motion/Discuss Circular motion lab./ HW: Review HW 

2/27: Collect HW/Law of Universal Gravitation with Cavendish Experiment Video./Circular Motion Lab with Calcs.

3/2: More uniform circular motion & Law of Universal Gravitation/Finish Circular Motion Lab Data and Calcs./HW: Circular motion and Law of Universal Gravitation

3/3: Collect Circular motion lab/Rotating mechanics or Torque/Rev. HW & circular motion practice problems/Dragster Handout/Time to research gear boxes on I-pads/HW: 1.  Research how to build a gear box  2.  Basic Torque and circular motion problems

3/4: Torque and center of gravity with Spin disk with bike tire student demo & explain how she was able to move spinning bike tire to turn disk/ How gears work and affect torque/Rev. HW/Gear Lab /HW: 1.  Finish Lab  2. Dragster supplies

3/5: Figure skating spin video/Moment of Inertia with disk demos with rotational inertia notes/Electric field notes & problem types/Check out physics books/HW:  1.  Read pg 372-392 -take notes   2. play electric field hockey 

3/6: Collect Gear Lab/Practice problems from unit 1 & 2 including Electric field problems/Finalize dragster plans and organize supplies in new cabinet - assign cabinet. [Quiz on Monday] 

3/9:  Physics Qz/Rotational Inertia Lab/Work on dragsters/Switch with Zimm - work of lab calcs/ HW: Calcs for Rotational Inertia Lab

3/10: Collect Lab/Electrostatic practice sheet & review/Answers to Friday's review sheets//Dragster work/HW:  Unit 2 Practice test

3/11: Rev. page 1 practice test/Dragster work/ HW: Finish Practice test

3/12: Review rest of practice test/Dragster work - test with batteries/ HW: Study Group

3/13: Unit 2 Test

3/16: Make data table for Dragster measurements and find all formulas needed to complete calculations./Work on dragsters/HW: Midterm practice problems

3/18:  Review HW/ Work on Dragsters/HW: Midterm review sheet #1 (#1-7)

3/19:  Review for Midterm/Work on Dragsters/HW:  Midterm review sheet #2 (8-17)

3/23: Midterm Practice Problems/Finish Dragsters/HW: Study Group

3/24: Midterm

3/25: Official race day for dragsters and take all measurements/HW: 1. Dragster Calcs.  2. Progress reports signed

3/26: Dragster Calculations Due