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Unit 1: Kinematics & Projectile Motion

Unit Outcomes:
1. Position vs. time graphs
2. Velocity vs. time graphs
3. Vectors and vector addition using trigonmetric relationships of sin, cos, tan.
4. F=ma
    a. Force net on an object
    b. Free body diagrams with vectors, with and without math
    c. Freefall situations
    d. Force with friction
    e. Elevator type force problems
5. Projectile motion
    a. Horizontal & vertical components
1.  Rocket               Due: 2/11/14 
Daily Lessons:
1/7: Future Engineers/Review: Work, Force, Pressure, speed, KE, PE/HW:1. Read course Orientation & Safety Contract and sign  3. View Skate Park Simulation and explain change in PE and KE, while TE remains constant. 
1/8: Collect signed course orientation and safety contract./Skate Park simulation and Writing & Share responses with partner from last nights skate park/Roller coaster on board with questions - Collect/HW: Ratio Rev.
1/9: Collect HW/Lecture: Intro to Kinematics & motion graphs///NO HW
1/12:  Changing position vs time graphs to their corresponding Velocity vs. Time graphs/ Changing postion vs. time to velocity vs. time graph practice sheet - put answers on board/Change Velocity vs. time to Acceleration vs. time graphs. /HW: Motion graphs

1/13: Collect HW/ Kinematics equations dealing with objects thrown straight up and solving for initial velocity/Launch rockets with bike pumps and solve for initial velocity of two different caps and max height of rockets./Review Rocket results for initial velocity and max height//HW: Position vs. time changed to velocity vs. time graphs
1/14: Review Rocket math from yesterday/Vectors and Vector Addition including Vector addition for resultant vectors with 2 practice problems/Rev. HW/HW: 1. Physics: Vectors, motion graphs, and using kinematics equations with constant acceleration.  2. Watch Analysis of Galileo's Projectile Motion Video
1/15:  Motion graph quiz/Students do HW on the board/More vector addition problems/Projectile motion lecture and problems/HW: 1. Motion graphs, kinematics eq. & vector HW  2. Get a paper towel roll for Monday
1/16: Finish projectile motion with horizontal kick problem & finish HW through #3/Check work/ /Assign Project drawers and label/ Rev. HW, more vector addition & F = ma/NO HW

1/20: Pass back and review motion HW & Quiz/Have students view webpage with a distance vs. time converted to a velocity vs. time graph then converted to an acceleration vs. time graph - discussed with partner and copied down/Regular projectile problem with no angle review/Projectile motion at an angle/HW: 1. Kinematics Equations & Vector HW 
1/21:  Newton's 1st and 2nd law/Pass out Rocket packet and allow time to read, then discuss/Discuss how to Calculate your rocket body area and plan fin shape and rocket body length/Move over Band saws and drill press/ Review HW/HW: Vectors and projectile motion
1/22:  Collect HW/Newton's 3rd law/ Shop tool safety/ Work on fins & rocket body/HW: Newton's Law 
1/23: Elevator Problems and Free body diagrams/Rev. HW/ work on rockets / NO HW
1/26: Warm-up elevator problem/Force Tension prob./Rocket thrust math /Plan for cutting wood dowels and screw eggs to dowel and put hook in /HW: Rocket Thrust math & Elevator Problem
1/27: Collect HW/Work on rockets fins/No HW
1/28: Sliding object with friction/Work on rockets: Cut dowels and attach egg to dowel and put in hook/HW: Newton's laws and friction #1
1/29: Incline planes/Review HW/kinematics & force Quiz/Rocket Work- finish drilling pilot holes and attach egg and eye hook to the dowels/ Rocket Work Day- Make motor mount & Attach, straw launch lugs/ HW: Newton's Laws and friction HW #2
1/30: Practice Problems & Review HW/Rocket work: fins, nose cone & motor mounts/ No HW

2/2: Rev Quiz/ Pulley Problems/Rocket work - Make motor mount & Attach straw launch lugs/HW: Practice HW like quiz

2/3:  Practice problems & rev. HW/Work on Rockets/HW: Pulley HW
2/4: Collect HW/Rocket work- Start Parachute /HW: Practice Problems & motion graphs
2/5: Rocket work & spin test/ review collected HW from 2/3/15/review HW/HW: Begin Practice Test  [1-5, 8-17]
2/6: Review 1-5 on practice test & yesterday's HW/Finish Rockets/HW: Finish Practice test [8-17]

2/9: Review practice test/Projectile motion lab/HW: 1.  Finish lab  calculations 2. Study for test
2/10: Collect projectile motion lab/ Unit 1 Test/HW:  1.  Get progress reports signed. 2. Begin rocket calculations for launch tomorrow.  All calculations are due Friday 2/13

2/11: Rocket weight in/ Launch Rockets and measure angle/HW: Rocket calculations

2/13:  Final Rocket Calcs. Due/Momentum lecture