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Unit 4 - Spring 2021

4/29:  HW: 1. Read about Lewis Structures: pgs. 413-422
                   2. Watch Video

4/30:  Gas Behavior with Demo's [Bell Jar, syringe in bottle]/Review Lewis structures/Introduce VSEPR
          HW:  1. Draw the Lewis structure for water, carbon tetrachloride and ammonium ion
                   2.  P vs. V Lab 

5/3:  Begin VSEPR include review of HW - Model Building with VSEPR Chart/ P vs. V Lab -  Data Collection
          HW:  1.  P vs. V Lab  with graph -only plot the points and submit to classroom
                    2. Review Graph Types handout, what type did your P vs. V most resemble??

5/4:   Discuss P vs. V Lab- How to manipulate to make straight line/ More VSEPR Molecules, then Demo the VSEPR simulation - pHet 

            1.  Make Table 2 for Pressure and 1/Volume, then graph P vs 1/V graph, find slope and write the equation of the line.  Make any 
                additional corrections needed to first P vs. V graph and page 1 of lab and submit to classroom 
            2. Students complete pHet VSEPR simulation for 5 molecules, draw them in the correct shape and identify the electron shape 
                and the molecule shape - Submit to classroom - Remote Learners
5/5:  P vs. T Lab/P vs. T Lab- Data Collect as a Demo, make graph and write equation of the line, then solve for Temperature 
            when Pressure equals 0 KPa.
          HW: Finish P vs. T Lab with graph and Submit to classroom by 8 am tomorrow morning.

5/6:  Collect P vs T Lab/Temperature of Kelvin and what it means/ 
         Discuss how shape determines polarity and IMF - Electronegativity Chart
           HW:  1.   Read Pg 402 -405: EN & polarity
                    2.  Watch Derive the Combined Gas Law

5/7:  Introduce the Combined Gas Law & do some problems/Combined Gas Law Problems. - Do 1,2,3
        HW:  1. More Combined Gas Law practice (4,5,6)
                  2.  Look over the How to Guide for Stoichiometry
                  3. Reading on Ideal Gas Law: pg. 458-464 in textbook  &  Gas stoichiometry: pg. 469-472        

5/10: Review Combined Gas Law HW & Do practice Gas stoich problems
         HW:    1. Gas stoichiometry practice: pg 482: #38 & #40 in textbook
                    2. Mixed Ionic & Covalent Nomenclature

5/11:  Do HW problems on the board and take questions/Unit 4 Practice test
        HW: Finish Unit 4 Practice test

5/12: Review Practice test

5/13: Unit 4 Test/ HW:  Read pgs 596 - 604 in textbook & Complete Reading Guide

 4. Introduce Gas Stoichiometry - Video  [HINT: In video I keep saying combined gas law, but I mean the Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT]