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Unit 3

4/14:  Assignment:    GOOGLE MEET TODAY: 9:30 am 2nd & 1:30 pm 5th 
                                        Join Code on your calendar link of event!!
                                     [Short to explain today's assignment, then longer at 3 pm]
                                        1.  Lewis structure Video & Review VSEPR Handout
                                        2.  Explain how VSEPR works with examples and use of the model kit during class Google Meet
                                        3.  Begin VSEPR Chart - Complete first two columns. [# Valence electrons, Lewis structure]
                                        4.. Read & take notes on Pg. 400-406 on polarity   
                                        5.  Soln Stoich #4 KEY

4/15:   Assignment:   Optional Google Meet to review VSEPR Chart: 9:30 am 2nd & 1:30 pm for 5th [LINK ON CLASSROOM]
                                        1.  What is a polar bond? Electronegativty Chart, Use your notes from pg. 400-406 to complete:  Polarity HW
                                        2. VSEPR Chart - complete through molecular shape  and name - VSEPR Day Instructions

 4/16:   Assignment:   Polarity Video - bond & molecule - Watch then complete VSEPR chart
                                                1. How do you determine if the bonds are polar? 2. How do you determine if the molecule is polar? 
                                        2.  Naming Compounds #2
                                        3.   Read and take notes on pg. 488-491 & on video:  intermolecular forces  
                                        4.  Complete problems 1-7 on pg. 514   LINK TO READING PAGES AND HW PAGE   

4/17:   Assignment:   1.  Review VSEPR Chart with polarity via GOOGLE MEET TODAY: 9:30 am 2nd & 1:30 pm 5th [Link on Classroom]
                                         2.  IMF's Demo's - Video with Mrs. Luci
                                         3. VSEPR phet simulations
                                         4. VSEPR  Practice -Complete just like your chart these four molecules [BCl3,NI3,CH3F, CH2O] -
                                                    Take picture and email to me by 8 pm 4/19/20

4/20:    Assignment:    1.  Covalent compounds Sheet
                                           2.  Read about Phase Change Energy & take notes: pg. 492- 503
                                           3.  Complete problems on pg 497: 1-7   You will be asked to explain your answers during tomorrows Google Meet

4/21:     Assignment:   GOOGLE MEET TODAY: 9:30 am 2nd & 1:30 pm 5th [Link on Classroom]
                                            1.  Phase change energy graph handout   & use your periodic table for my live lecture - Do a problem
                                            2.  Read through example phase change problem - a different problem then Google Meet today
                                           3.   Now you try a Phase change energy problem: 
                                                        Calculate the amount of  energy to change 45.67 grams of ice
                                                         at - 32.9 degrees Celsius to water at 0.0 degrees Celsius.  

4/22:  Assignment:   1.   Google Classroom HW Form : Use your completed phase change energy problem to answer questions.
                                                    Submit by 3 pm today.
                                        2.  What is Gas pressure?   
                                        3. What is atmospheric pressure?   
                                        4.  Pressure unit conversions
                                        5. How much energy does it take to change 150.0 grams of liquid water at 34.5 degrees Celsius to steam at         
                                             123.4 degrees Celsius?  
                                        6. Read Pressure vs. Volume Lab & complete Background Information

4/23:   Assignment:    1.   Gas pressure demo - syringe in 1 liter bottle
                                           2.  Video table for Pressure vs. Volume lab:  Graph data points and stop - 
                                                        Take a picture and email to Luci by 8 pm 
                                        3. Phase Change Problem: How much energy is lost if 19.84 grams of steam at 121.4 Celsius is  
                                                converted to ice at - 3.4 Celsius?
 4/24:  Assignment:  1. Watch video feedback from Mrs. Luci about your P vs. V graphs and how to manipulate to make a straight line.
                                                  Graph Types Handout. Then finish lab and submit to Mrs. Luci by 8 pm tonight.
                                        2.  Review  Phase Change HW KEY - Part 1, KEY - Part 2
                                        3.  Mixed Nomenclature Worksheet

4/27:    Assignment:     1.  Phase change Problem - How much energy does it take to change 29.41 grams of water at 21.6 degrees 
                                                Celsius to steam at 257.9  degrees Celsius  - If you did not submit the Phase Change Problem a few days ago on the 
                                                                Google Classroom and actually want those points, then take a picture of this HW and email me.
                                             2.  Pressure vs. temp Lab - Data collection video, now make the graph 
                                            3.  Check the Mixed Nomenclature KEY

4/28:  Assignment:  GOOGLE MEET TODAY: 9:30 am for 2nd & 1:30 pm for 5th [Phase Change Help & P vs. T Graph review]
                                              1.  Let me see your P vs. T graphs and tell me your equation of the line.   Temperature conversions
                                              2. P vs. T:  Plug 0 kPa in for the pressure in your equation of the line and solve for the temperature in Celsius 
                                                        SUBMIT via email picture by 8 pm tonight.
4/29:   Assignment:       1.  Gas Pressure Demo's (bell jar)
                                             2.  Phase Change #3 : How much energy does it take to change 45.65 grams of ice from -12.8 degrees Celsius 
                                                to steam at 128.9 degrees Celsius?  [ Sorry just posted on Classroom at 11:08 am] 
                                                NOW USE THIS COMPLETED PROBLEM TO ANSWER GOOGLE CLASSROOM FORM & 
                                                    SUBMIT BY 3 PM TODAY.
                                            3.   Derive the Combined gas Law video 
4/30:  Assignment:   1.   PHet simulations of gas pressure
                                        2.  Combined Gas Law worksheet(1 ,2, 3)

5/1:    Assignment:    1. Check Combined Gas Law KEY FOR 1-3 
                                       2.  Gas Law Worksheet finish
                                        3. Look at Aeries and complete and submit any missing assignments

5/4  Assignment:   1.  Check Combined Gas Law KEY for 4-9
                                      2.  Unit 3  practice test - complete all

5/5:  Assignment:  GOOGLE MEET TODAY: 9:30 am 2nd & 1:30 pm 5th [Review common mistakes with combined gas law]
                                     1. Review Unit 3 Practice Test KEY
                                      2.  Study for Unit 3 Quiz

5/6:  Assignment:  1.  Google Classroom - Unit 3 Quiz: Open during your assigned class time only.  This is a 50 point Quiz!!!
                                                                    [make 2 versions]
                                 2. Use reaction rate reading guide and complete while reading pages 596-600 in textbook  


  3.  How to light a Bunsen Burner & prep for Cp of unknown metal lab
             4. Calorimetry worksheet 1 a & b
             5. Read and complete Background Information for Cp Lab  
1.  Cp of unknown metal lab data collection & Sample Calculations guided by handout
            2. Finish Cp metal lab -  Use Cp Metal Chart to identify your unknown metal.    
 1.  Calorimetry sheet - 2 & 3
           3. Heat HW #1   
 2.  Pressure vs. Moles of CO2 Lab - Data collection and Calculations - 
    1.  Graph Pressure CO2 vs. moles COand discuss         
  1.  Collect HW Packet/ Unit 3 Test
 Recommended Reading: Chapter 6: 172-188
                                        Chapter 7: 224-227
                                         Chapter 9: 280-304