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Unit 2 - Fall 2020

10/12: Graph Handout with example graph/Evaluate giant graph and find all errors - how would you fix them/
           Molarity is a unit of concentration of a solution, we can use it  as a conversion factor
            HW: Simple Molarity HW

10/13: Review HW & discuss errors on big graph/How do you make ratios with ions in solutions/Graphing practice with wood block data 
            table - graph on Jamboard with grid background/
            HW: 1. Finish Graph on Jamboard for wood blocks, find slope and write equation of the line
                    2.  Molarity HW: pg. 555 in text book: #19

10/14: Review molarity HW & Wood Block graphs/Questions??

            Asynchronous Day
            1.  Watch video lesson on: ppt rxns with TIE & NIE & Beaker pictures  & Take complete notes!!
            2. Molarity HW: pg. 555-556 in text book: #21 & #25
            3.  Fill out the Google Form on the classroom regarding your midterm exam

10/15: Review HW/Video lesson question-Do one problem/Acid&Base rxns with TIE & NIE & Beaker pictures
            HW: 1. TIE & NIE HW
                    2. Read this Acid/Base Handout
                    3. Watch pH & pOH Video
                     Optional Molarity Practice Problems

10/16SUB: Practice Sheet: TIE, NIE & beaker pictures/pH & pOH practice/HW Quiz
                       HW: Cylinder Graph Lab - Complete BI, Sample Calcs, then graph on graph paper.  Upload to jamboard and 
                     submit to classroom by Sat. at 10 pm.

10/19: SUB: Read Beer's Law Lab & complete background information - Video/More pH & molarity practice
                       HW: Read lab- Solubility Rules for Ions - PPT Lab

10/20: Beer's Law Lab data collection/ppt lab - data collection & equation writing- Those at home will watch Mrs. Luci collect data/
            HW: Complete Beer's Law Graph - Submit to classroom by 10 pm

10/21:  Any PPT lab questions/Review Cylinder Graphs

            Asynchronous Day 
            HW:  1. Finish writing all equations for the ppt lab
                     2.  Do your solubility rules match your lab results?

10/22 - 10/23:  NO INTERNET AT DEL ORO:  Final PPT lab questions - This is NOT A REDO LAB/More molarity, pH & pOH practice
            HW: 1. Finish & Submit ppt Lab to Classroom by 10 pm on Sunday
                    2.  Work on Unit 1 redo labs - fix and email them to me.
                    3.  Work on Redo Cylinder Graph Lab

10/26: More Molarity, pH & pOH practice/Grade Beer's Law Labs with students/Begin: Unit 2 practice test 
              HW: 1. Finish all except the graph on Unit 2 Practice test
                    2.  Work on Unit 1 redo labs - fix and email them to me.

10/27 Fill out Test Request Form/Review Practice Test- Assign problems and students present screen to show answers/
           Work on graph on practice test in class/ Finish grading Beer's Law Labs with students.
            HW: 1.  Study for test - Finish Graph if needed
                    2.  Work on Unit 1 redo labs - fix and email them to me.
                    3.  Check key for molarity, pH & pOH from 10/26.

10/28:    Asynchronous Day
                1.  Review graph with Luci 
                2.  Review all unit 2 information for test.
                3.  Work on any Redo labs.- Beer's Law, Cylinder Graph and PPT must be submitted tonight or a Zero will be entered.

10/29:  Unit 2 Exam
            HW: Read pg 103-107 in text book & complete problems  on page 105 & 107