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Unit 2

Periodic Table Song

9/24:   New Seats/Stamp HW/Quick Electroplating Lab Questions/Pass out graphing handout and have students read over and 
            find and discuss mistakes with the giant graph/Pass back Unit 1 tests/HW: 1. Read pages 109-112 & take notes  
         2.  Polyatomic ions in ionic compounds   [Look at examples and complete 3 problems in each section 
         3.  Work on Electroplating lab - Write Discussion   [Lab Format]

                                                    Intervention: Redo Labs

9/25:   Stamp HW/Collect data and calculate volume of wood blocks /Go over how to scale axis of graph/Make graph for wood
            block sample lab/HW:   1.  Study polyatomic ions by finishing the Polyatomic Ions sheet from 
            last night   2.  Finish wood block graph

                                                Intervention: Redo Labs

9/26:   Collect graphs and review while students do HW problems on board & Pre-write the Cylinder Lab/Pass back wood block
            graphs and discuss/Find the relationship between mass and volume of a sample of four cylinders. [Collect data, calculate
            volume and begin graph// HW: 1. Lots of Ionic Naming Practice Problems 
             2.  Finish cylinder graph  3.  Electroplating lab due by 9:59 pm  via

9/27:   Collect cylinder graph/Put answers to HW on board/Balance chemical equations - do one on the board and then have them 
            balance with their partner/ Demo a ppt Reaction and then write Molecular Equation, Total ionic and net ionic equations on 
            and how to balance, include pictures of solutions/Polyatomic Ion Quiz #1 (HW Quiz)  HW: 1. Naming Compounds
9/30:   Put HW Key on the document camera/Pass back and review Cylinder graphs with your partner, your practice lab and 
            your graph handout/ME, TIE, NIE practice/A new ratio: Concentration(Molarity = #moles/1 L solution) use as a conversion 
            factor/HW: ME,TIE,NIE

10/1:   Review HW/Lecture: Acid & Base Notes & How to calculate pH or pOH from molarity/Pass out Titration Lab and complete
             Background Information/Do neutralization problem with math on board/HW: 1.  pH practice problems: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 

10/2:  Review pH Answers from last night - Put on Document Camera/Review how to measure with burets - 
        some set up with  water and measurement is noted on card [ stations 11-14 have both an A and B buret] ****HINT: Burets have 
       an uncertainty of +/- 0.01 ml and the zero is at the top of the buret/Complete pH Questions - 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 from    
         sheet/HW: 1. Molarity Practice Sheet Problem #1  2.  Complete Background section on Titration Lab you received on 

 10/3:  Handouts: Nomenclature Flowchart and Common Acid List/Review Molarity HW and pH problems/Demo a titration - with 
        math/Pass back HW quiz /HW: 1. Molarity HW Problem #2   2. Ionic Nomenclature

 10/4:  Data collection for Titration Lab/Pass out the ppt Lab/HW QZ #2/ HW:  1. Finish Titration lab calculations  
            2. Read PPT Lab & Name the 13 solutions in  the background information section.

                                                         Intervention: Redo Labs

10/7:  Collect Titration Lab/Discuss details and procedures for ppt lab/Do 1st horizontal row - work on equation writing/
        Study polyatomic ions/HW: more pH and molarity problems

10/8: ppt Lab -Do 2nd, 3rd and 4th horizontal row- More Equation writing, beakers & begin to predict ppt/
        HW: Neutralization Stoichiometry:  If 21.23 ml of 0.125 M HCl is reacted with 15.34 ml of an unknown KOH solution 
        and a perfect endpoint is reached, what is the concentration of the KOH solution?

                                                     Intervention:  Redo Labs

10/9: Review lab equations/more ppt lab - Rxns row 4-6/More equation writing and balancing from ppt lab with 
        predicting the ppt, drawing beakers and writing TIE and NIE/ HW: 1. Review Key to last nights HW
       2.  Neutralization Stoichiometry: 
        If 10.00 ml of 0.213 M HCl is reacted with 12.32 ml of an unknown NaOH solution and the perfect endpoint is reached, 
        what is the concentration of the NaOH solution?

                                                            Intervention:  Redo Labs

10/10:  Finish all rxns for ppt lab/ ME, Beakers, TIE, NIE write on board as we go/HW:  pH and pOH Practice

                                                    Intervention:  Redo Labs

10/11: Identify remaining ppts from lab & work on equation writing/HW & polyatomic ion Quiz #2/ HW: 1. Molarity Practice #2
          2. read Struggle article

10/15:  ppt equations/Two tubes of colored cylinders graphed on one piece of graph paper - Collect data /HW: 1. Do cylinder graph -
         two lines of best fit and two equation of lines   2.  Finish all equations for ppt Lab

10/16:  Collect cylinder graph lab/How to Write solubility rules for the ppt lab/Beer's Law introduction & data collection and graph/ 
            HW: 1. Finish Beer's Law Lab  graph     2. Finish Solubility Rules for PPT Lab

10/17: Solve for unknown NiCl2 solution concentration for Beer's Law Lab and turn in lab & turn in PPT Lab/Solution stoichiometry 
          problem from net ionic equation with starting moles being found from solution beakers molarity and volume/HW: 1. If you mix 
         24.78 grams of  KOH with enough water to make 1000. ml of solution, what will the molarity be?
         How many moles of potassium ion are in the solution?

10/18:   Rev HW/Solution Stoichiometry Handout problem with partner just do math from NIE to find mass ppt like 
            yesterday/Polyatomic Ion Qz. #3 & HW Quiz/HW: 1. More Molarity Practice: pg 555-556: 19, 21 

10/21:  Rev HW/Solution Stoichiometry handout practice problem full solution -key to problem/Solution Stoich - start in class
                     / HW:   Stoichiometry problem finish from class

10/22:  Review HW & complete Solution Stoich Problem #2/HW: Finish Soln Stoich Problem #2

10/23: Review HW/Complete Solution Stoich #3 & Review/Begin practice test /HW: Finish  Practice Test

10/24:   Review  practice test/Nomenclature Practice/HW: 1.  Review Practice test    2. Look up water displacement method  

10/25: Unit 2 Test -/ HW: 1.  1-9 on the  Midterm Practice Sheet  

10/29: New Seats/ Rev 1-9 of Midterm Practice Sheet/ Black Cylinder Data Collection with partner and volume calculations - turn in/
         /HW: 1. Conversion & Ratio sheet  2. Midterm Practice Sheet: 10 - 17

                            Intervention:  Finish Black cylinder calculations if needed

 10/30:  Pass back unit 2  tests/ Review 10-17 midterm practice sheet & Ratio HW/Discuss trouble areas on Unit 2 test/HW:  1. Complete        
          midterm Practice sheet  4. Review graphing

10/31:      Ratio Lab Practical/ Midterm graph -turn in/ Pass back test/Finish Midterm Practice sheet/HW: 1. Study all labs 
            where you had to make a ratio & those that you then used your ratio to solve a DA problem. 2.  Nomenclature practice 
            sheet is linked to tomorrows lesson start now if you have not worked for 30 minutes!

11/1:    Grade & discuss Ratio Lab Practical/Nomenclature practice /Solution Stoich and neutralization stoich practice problem/
           Bullet Casing Lab overview of lab[This lab will be  submitted via, so you can begin the Introduction and make your data table.] /
                HW: 1. Pre-write for Bullet Casing Lab through  background information 2. Study for midterm 
11/4: Midterm Written & Lab Portion/HW: 1.  Covalent nomenclature reading: pg 103-107   2.  Do problems 26,45,49 pgs. 119-122

11/5:  Review HW with partner/Bullet Casing Lab Prep time with partner-finish through making a data table/HW: Finish all Bullet 
        Casing pre-write and data table, review sample calculations instructions.

11/6:  Data collection for Bullet Casing Lab - Portion with Colorimeter - graph Absorbance vs. Concentration, find slope and
             write equation of line.  Use equation of line to solve for concentration of unknown bc solution.  
             /HW: Finish the rest of Calculations & write lab Discussion for Bullet Casing Lab