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Honors Chemistry Seminar - Mr. Fefer teaches the Honors Chemistry Seminar Course.

    Week 1:    Atomic Theory Timeline Prezi[History Part I] Cathode Ray Tube /Demonstrate the
                                     Cathode Ray tube - bend the electron stream with a magnet./HW: 1. Determine Study Groups,
                                     meeting location and times  2. Get Course Orientation signed & turn in signature page  
                                      3.  Watch & take notes on videos  Bohr Model and light  & Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment 

    Week 2:  Light Demo and emission tubes/ Periodic Table & Periodic Trends Activity ---then discuss/ 
                                        HW: 1. Review Atomic Theory Timeline Prezi
    Week 3:  How to light a Bunsen Burner Instruction & practice with Bunsen Burners/HW:  1. Preview       
                                       Spectroscope Lab & Complete Pre-Lab Questions  

    Week 4: Spectroscope Lab  [Need 40 minutes minimum!! -  I will arrive at 6:45 am for morning session, 
                    and plan on staying later than normal in the afternoon  session.]  HW: Study Group- Finish Lab Questions

    Week 5:   Review main points of Spectroscope Lab / Quantum Numbers - Reading Packet/
                                      HW:  1. Schroedenger's Wave Model Video - Watch at  home & Complete the Quantum Number
                                       Practice Problems  2. Discuss the video and finish practice problems at study group.

    Week 6:    Review Quantum # HW/ Electron Configuration lesson & 
                        Practice sheet /HW: 1.  Check Quantum 2.Compare answers to practice sheet at study group

    Week 7: Check off Electron Configuration practice sheet  & review  - Check Key and ask  questions/
                    Complete   Practice sheet #2  with help!/HW:  1. Practice sheet #2  2. Study group - Each person read one of the links                               and share out at the study group.
                                                                        Links: Nuclear bombs, Nuclear Power plants  / Three Mile Island Incident 1979/
                                                                         Chernobyl Accident

    Week 8:  Electron Configuration Practice Sheet #2 -/ Nuclear Reactions Part I -Radioactive Decay types & equations/
                        HW: 1. Zone of stability and Radioactive Decay Practice  2.  Read Solution Stoichiometry Handout and review problem

    Week 9:   Radioactive Decay Eq./Half-life & Carbon-14 Dating Lec/ 
                                         Half-life and Carbon-14 Dating practice problems 
                                        /HW: 1. Study group compare answers to practice  2. Check out clip about the making of
                                           Fat Man and Little Boy     3.  Check out movie from Mrs. Luci  if interested 
                                         4. Review Solution Stoich handout again

   Week 10:  Half-Life  & Carbon -14 dating /Solution Stoichiometry Handout and problem [Taught in Reg. class- Review
                                        only in Honors]/Simple ppt problem with solutions on board/HW: Study group complete solution stoichiometry
                                        problem on handout

    Week 11: Solution Stoichiometry / Weak Acid Equilibrium with practice/
                                         HW: Study Group - Complete Weak Acid Equilibrium problems.

    Week 12: Fill in Lab Time Chart with Mrs. Luci/Weak Acid Equilibrium/ Redox balancing in acids
                                        Prep Redox Titration Lab-Title data tables and read lab throughly
                                         HW: 1. Balancing redox in acids   2.  Read  Redox Titration Lab  

   Week 13: Balancing of redox in acidic solutions/ Redox titration Lab
                                 [Need 50 minutes  minimum!!  I will arrive at 6:45 am for morning session, afternoon  session will go
                                 until 4 pm.] /HW: 1. Finish Lab calcs   2.  Practice ProblemsCome to next class with these 
                                problems 100% completed!!! 

    Week 14:  Review Practice Problems/ Final Exam questions given - 8 questions, can only miss 2 to pass course.  
                                           No partial credit given.  If you don't come to class today I will not print a final exam for you.

    Week 15:   Final Exam: 
                            *****Exams will be scored in July and students will be notified via their school e-mail whether they                                                                          passed or failed the Exam.  Transcripts will be changed to reflect Honors Chemistry or Honors Ag. Chemistry 
                                      credit by the middle of  August 2018.

Topics & Reference Sheets:

1.  History and the development of the modern view of the atom
2.  Electron Configuration
        Quantum Numbers
3.  Nuclear reactions and applications
4.  Weak Acid equilibrium
5.  Solution Stoichiometry
6. Balancing Redox reactions in acids