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An introduction to chemistry

Course Information:
This course is an introduction to chemistry with an emphasis on measurement, atomic structure, bonding, energy, gas pressure and reactions.  Laboratory will be used to reinforce the concepts and teach lab skills and equipment usage.  This class is meant to be a two part series with Physics.  This course meets the physical science graduation requirement and is a CSU/UC approved lab physical science course.
Please read my course syllabus and print the signature page to be submitted by your student by the second week of class.
Chemistry Essential Learning Outcomes:
1.  Integrate evidence from a phenomenon and learning from the course to construct a viable argument using scientific
2.  Recognize the difference between equilibrium and stoichiometry concepts or problems and solve.
3.  Create a ratio based on measured data or select an appropriate ratio to solve dimensional analysis problems.
4.  Account for movement of energy in both chemical and physical changes.
5.  Construct explanations of chemical phenomena by drawing or interpreting particulate level diagrams.
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Curricular Units:
1.  Periodic table information and trends, atomic structure, ions & ionic bonding with nomenclature, measurement & significant figures, dimensional analysis, ratios,  graph interpretation, what is a mole?, and redox reactions.
2.  Graphing, stoichiometry, polyatomic ions and transition metals, concentration and solution stoichiometry, acid/base, equilibrium and solubility.
3. Physics basics, physical vs. chemical properties, Potential and kinetic energy, molecular structure and properties and gas pressure.
4.   More energy, reaction rate, enthalpy and energy stoichiometry.