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Unit 4: Kinetics & Thermochemistry & Post AP Exam Labs

  4/16: Kinetics Lecture: Rxn rate and collision theory notes
            HW: 1. Read Chapter 10 of Fast Track
                    2.  Textbook: Chapter 14 Problems on page 553: 1,2,3

4/19: [SBAC] Rate Laws, Order of Rxns with a demo
            HW: Read  Kinetics Lab:  Crystal Violet Rate Law Lab  & Complete Background & Make Data Tables  

4/20: [SBAC]Determining a Rate Equation
            HW: Review & Checks: 14-1 (pg 512), 14-2 (pg. 514), 14-3 (pg. 520)- Submit to classroom

4/21:      Integrated Rate Laws, how to determine the order of a rxn based on the graph and slope value.
                 - Handout/Discuss Lab/Review HW
            HW:  Prelab Kinetics Lab questions - graphs should be at least 1/2 page, but follow my graphing rules.

4/22: [SBAC]Kinetics Lab: Collect Data  [Half class do phenolphthalein and half do Crystal Violet)
            HW: Finish lab Calcs -Submit to classroom

4/23: [SBAC] Radioactive Decay -First Order Rate Law/Rxn Mechanisms/Video to explain notes
           HW:  1.  Pg. 553: 5, 7, 13, 17, 23

4/26:  Rxn Mechanisms  Involving an Equilibrium & calculating Activation Energy using Arrhenius Equation/
            FT Chapter 10 M/C
            HW: Read all of Chapter 10 in Fast Track & Finish all M/C & FRQ

4/27:  Energy Flow Chart/Heat vs. temperature/First Law of Thermodynamics, Enthalpy and Energy graphs, Enthalpy (Energy Stoich)/
            State Functions Handout
            HW: 1.  Review Net Ionic Equations Handout
                    2. Practice AP M/C Exam- Find one on College board.
                    3. Practice AP FRQ Exam - Find one on College board.

4/28:  Specific Heat (q = mCDeltaT)/Calorimetry/Prep for Calorimetry Lab - Complete all Pre-lab Questions after the BI
            HW: Lab: Complete Introduction [purpose and BI with 5 bullets], Complete all Pre-lab Questions and make
                     Data Table for Lab with appropriate and complete title.  [DO NOT COPY THE PROCEDURE]

4/29: Calorimetry Lab - Data Collection, get data approved by Mrs. Luci
            HW:  Finish all Sample Calcs for Calorimetry Lab and Submit to Classroom by 10 pm on Sat. 5/1/21

4/30: Hess's Law/Standard enthalpies of formation/Bond Energies and Enthalpy
            HW: Text book pg 217c: #49, 51, 53
    ***4/30:  During Intervention today: AP Chemistry Exam Review Session - 
                        We will do a few example questions  FRQ's

5/3:   IMF & Heating curves including Heat of Fusion and Heat of Vaporization
        HW: Text book pg 217a: # 17, 19, 27

5/4: Entropy & 2nd Law of Thermodynamics/Free Energy/Gibbs Free Energy & Hess's Law Practice Sheets
        HW: 1. HW: FT M/C Chapter 11

*** During Intervention today: AP Chemistry Exam Review Session - 
                        We will do a few example questions  M/C's

5/5:  Review HW/ FT Chapter 11: FRQ's
        HW: Finish FT Chapter 11 FRQ's  & Study for AP Exam

5/6:  Review all Unit 4 Material - & Study for the AP Exam /You can also prep for the Final Labs
            HW: Review for AP Exam and Unit 4 test
 5/7:  AP Chemistry Test - St. Peter & Paul in Rocklin

            Those in class today: You can start preparing for the 3 big Final Exam Labs.

  5/10: Review for Unit 4 Test/Prep for ppt Lab - Choose solutions that you will make for the desired ppt of your choice.
           HW: Review: Do Extra problems : 1. Do CYU 14.10 & 14.11, pg. 543
                     2. Complete Review & Checks for sections 14.5 pg 539, 14.6 pg 549
                     3.  Problems on -Pg. 553 b-553 d: 37, 41, 43. 47
                     4. AP MC & Free Response ?'s pg. 553 m -553  

5/11:  Review Chapter 11 FRQ's/ Final Exam Lab Prep time/Study Time

5/12: Review Text book problems/Final Exam Lab Prep time/Study Time

5/13:  Unit 4 Test

5/14: Make your solutions for the ppt Lab/ Complete all Introduction, procedure and make data tables

5/17: If your Team wants to start during Block 2 today you can- Sign up for flexi and get permission from your 1st block then come on over.    

        Do ppt lab, collect and wash ppt, put in oven to dry overnight.
        HW: Complete Theoretical Lab Calcs for the mass of ppt

5/18: Collect final measurement of the dry ppt/Finish all PPT Lab Calcs - Turn in 5/19 during class.  If you can't turn in the lab in person, or drop off in the office, then email me the entire lab.

5/19: [SUB] Collect PPT Lab/Prep for the Handwarmer Lab [Include: MLA Heading, Title, Introduction with purpose and BI, Data tables- in the BI, you need 5 bullets, 1 bullet will include pre-lab questions 1-4]

5/20: [SUB] Finish prep for handwarmer lab. Set up lab station with equipment -styrofoam cups and cardboard covers in draws by Jack G. /Exchange your lab prewrites with someone in class to get feedback and make corrections/ You can start tomorrow's pre-write for the Antacid Lab early.   We will try to collect all data for this lab on Monday, but if we need more time we can fit it in during block 2 on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

5/21: [SUB]  Prep for Antacid Titration Lab  [Include: MLA Heading, Title, Introduction with purpose and BI, Data Tables.  In your BI you will need 5 bullets]

5/24: Collect data for Handwarmer Lab - HW: Work on calcs from lab - You need a Sample Calcs section and the Post-lab questions answered to complete the lab.  

5/25: Begin Antacid Titration Lab/Turn in Handwarmer Lab, if you can't turn it the lab in person, or drop off in the office, then email me the entire lab by 8:00 am 5/26 (Wednesday)!!!

5/27: Final Exam Schedule - Finish and submit Antacid Titration Lab in person by the end of block.  Or via email by the end of the block.
Pre-Covid Days:


Lecture on Thermochemistry /Do you remember these? System & Surrounding/q = mCp delta T/
              phase change and energy transfer   
              HW: 1. Complete the Review & Check problems on pgs. 184, 189, 192.  
                      2. Skim Chapter 6 & take notes  2. Watch Photoelectric effect   video  
                      3. Skim Chapter 7 & take notes: 4. Do Rev. & Checks Pg. 295-296, 298, 302 & 307

4/29:   PV Work Lecture with Demo/ Delta U = q  +  W handout and discuss demo in terms of q, W, U and 
           system vs surroundings
            HW: 1. Pg. 217-217 a: 7, 11, 13,19 
                     2.  Practice problems of PV work                                      

 4/30:   State Functions  handout and enthalpy problems/ Prep Cp metal lab
             HW: 1. Pg. 217-217a: 25, 27, 29  2. CYU problem pg. 204  
                        2. Do problem 2 & 3 from State Functions sheet   


5/3:   Do Cp of unknown metal lab and complete calcs/Specific Heat of Metals Chart/Calorimetry intro for lab
          HW:  Prep for Calorimetry Lab by: Reading the lab & Complete the Introduction
 5/4: Calorimetry Lecture & complete lab/ & Answer Pre-lab ?#1 a & b
           HW.  1.Read and think about pre-lab questions 2-5, as you will answer these with your 
                                                                    partner tomorrow.  
                   2.  AP MC ?'s: 3-4, Pg. 217 k - 217 l 

 5/5:   Hess's Law & delta H of Formations
                                                                 2.  Finish answering pre-lab questions & make an appropriate data table from handout
                                                                 3. Finish AP MC ?'s pg. 217K -217 l
                                                                 4. Read section 5-8 pg. 213

                                                                2. Work on Lab calc. 2. AP FRQ 
                                                                3.   Pg. 217 m - 217 n  Long Format

                                                                        1.  Rev HW & Any Calorimetry Lab Questions
                                                                    2.  Gases, combined gas law and Ideal Gas Law with gas stoich, gas density
                                                                    3.  Demo video : Volume & Temperature  
                                                                                 4. Finish Calorimetry Lab  
                                                                    5. Review & Check section 10-2 

 Collect Chromatography Lab