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Unit 2

  1/29:  Thermite Demo and balancing simple redox rxns/ Balancing Redox reactions in acidic solutions steps and examples/
            HW: Balance Redox in Acid

   1/30:  St & Rev HW/Balancing Redox reactions in basic solutions steps and examples/HW: Balance Redox in Basic Solution

    1/31: St & Rev HW/Thermochemistry, Voltaic vs. Electrolytic cells, cell notation and pictures including NW - SE rule/
            HW: 1. Redox practice and Cell Notation

      2/3:   St & Rev HW/Galvanic Cell Lab Prep & cell potential calculations/HW: Intro for lab:
                 5 bullets: difference between a galvanic and electrolytic cell, uncertainties, cell potential formula, picture of Galvanic cell, Ox, Red, 
                   balanced and cell potentials for all three combos, then make a data table and fill in all you found.

   2/4:     Data collection for Galvanic Cell Lab/ Nernst Equation as a correction factor for nonstandard conditions/Finish Lab Calcs
                HW: 1. Fast Track Chapter 9 (Complete M/C & FRQ problems)

   2/5:   Nomenclature Quiz #2/ St & Rev. HW/ Finish Nernst calcs & Collect Galvanic Cell Lab/ Lecture on electrolysis/
            HW: Electrochemistry HW

   2/6:  St & Rev HW/ Watch video[Electrolysis of Potassium Iodide ] and discuss with partner/Electrochemistry Practice problems/
           HW: Finish Practice Problems

    2/7:   St & Review HW/Chapter 19:AP M/C & FRQ's; /HW: 1.Finish classwork - KEY 2. Put HW packet together

    2/11:  Collect unit 2 HW/Unit 2 Test /HW: