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Unit 1 -Review

AP Chemistry Testing Information: 

             ** AP Chemistry Exam - Friday May 7, 2021
            ** AP Test Fee - $95/exam
            ** AP Test Registration Deadline - March 1, 2021,   $40 per test late fee after that date

Unit 1 - Review of Basic Chemistry - Descriptive Chem, Stoichiometry, Periodic Table

  1/5:   Remote:   Join Google Classroom: 2ju7iwl/ Class structure & expectations/
            Review Ionic, Covalent and acid compounds/
          Element symbol List/polyatomic ions list/Check out Fast track & AP Chemistry Books from library ASAP/
         HW: 1.  Read and sign course orientation and  Flinn Safety Contract  - 
                     Parents and Students complete Google Form Verification 2. Nomenclature Sheet - Submit on Classroom by 8:05 am on 1/6/21

 1/6Asynchronous:    Review HW 

            At Home Today:
               1. Equations  balance and ID Rxn Type   
              2. Math problems and significant figures 
            HW: 1. Read Chapter 1 in Fast Track [Chemical Foundations]  complete M/C   

1/7:   Remote: Writing and Balancing Equations Review/More reaction types/Basic Stoichiometry (mole-mole &
                 mass -mass)

                HW: 1. Review graphing handout   
                       2. Stoichiometry Practice & Rev. Problem (1,2,3,4, 11, 12) - Submit to Classroom

 1/8:   Remote:   Concentration review & soln stoichiometry/ Solubility rules for Common Ionic Compounds in 
            Water Handout & work on solubility & ppt RXN assignment/
              HW: 1.  FINISH Solubility  & ppt reactions assignment  2.  Read Chapter 7 in Fast track [pg 167-175]
                       3. Stoichiometry Practice & Rev. Problem (5, 6, 7) - Submit to Classroom

 1/11Remote: Review solubility HW on board/Oxidation #'s/ Redox lecture -  Help page I use in regular chem for Redox reactions/
                HW:    1. Concentration review handout  [Problem #1 only]
                          2. Measurement Tool Review Handout
                                3. Ionic Nomenclature [go to page 3 & 4] - Submit all 3 assignments to the Classroom

 1/12 Remote: Discuss HW's/ More Redox/What is the difference between Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula 
            & Formula's of Hydrates/ Quiz #1 [sig figs & nomenclature]/ 
            HW: 1. Empirical formula & Percent Composition -Do the percent comp handout  
    Check for Understanding Problems 1-4 on pg. 88 [You need your textbook for this]
            2. Read and Prep EF of copper chloride Lab    [Make a copy of the lab document, then add in your MLA heading, complete the background information and make an appropriate data table - All typed please!!] 
            3.  Email me with your lab partner choice!!

 1/13:    Introduce Iron Redox Titration Lab (You did this lab in Honors Chemistry)

                HW: 1. Prep Iron Redox titration Lab
                    [Read lab, complete Introduction section and make the data table, not the Sample Calc table] 
                    2. Read Chapter 8 in Fast Track 

1/14:    Remote: Discuss Stoichiometry LabBullet Casing lab - Do Prewrites
             HW: 1.  Finish Lab prewrites for Stoichiometry Lab &Bullet Casing lab
                    2.  Concentration review Handout - problem #2 - submit to Classroom

1/15:    Remote: Discuss and prep for QRSXY unknown ppt lab/Prep for EF of magnesium Oxide lab/
            Prep Beer's Law Lab
            HW: 1.  Finish both lab preps
                    2.  Finish Concentration review Handout - Submit to Classroom
1/19:  Lab questions/Review HW submissions/Practice problems:  #63 & 65 on pg 43f of textbook/
         Practice problems #105 pg 95f, #113 pg 95g, #127 pg 95h
         HW: Stoichiometry Practice & Rev. Problem (8,9,10,13,14) - Submit to classroom

1/20: HW ?'s/
            1. Read sec 3-3: pg 102-105
            2. Do Rev & Checks 3-3 pg 105, 3-4 pg 109-110, 3-5 pg 114
            3.  Read sec 3-6: pg 114-122
            4. Do Rev & Checks 3-6 pg 122, 3-7 pg 125, 3-8 pg 131

1/21: Stoichiometry Quiz
        HW: 1.  Read chapter 9 in Fast Track book

1/22:  Begin unit on Electrochemistry: Balancing Redox reactions in acidic solutions steps and examples/
            HW: Balance Redox in Acid

1/25:  Review Quiz & HW/Balance in basic solutions/Talk about seating chart - Fill out seating Chart Form
            HW: Balance Redox in Basic Solution - Submit to Classroom

1/26:  Electrochemistry, Voltaic vs. Electrolytic cells, cell notation and pictures including NW - SE rule/
            HW: 1Redox practice and Cell Notation -Submit to Classroom

1/27: DIscuss labs to be done Thursday and Friday - How?? Who collects data??

            1. Make sure you are 100% ready for the Stoichiometry Lab and the Beer's Law Lab
            ***Jack G. & Dylan will be doing the Beer's Law lab first and half the class will watch and talk with Jack 
                    and the other half with Dylan.
           *** Brielle  & Katelynn will be doing the Stoichiometry Lab second and half the class will watch and talk 
                    with Brielle and the other half with Katelyn.

1/28:  Day 1 in person:   Stoichiometry Lab - Day 1/Beer's Law Lab
                Calculate the theoretical mass of sodium acetate
            HW: 1. Beer's Law graph with equation of the line and solve for unknown Concentration - 
                        Submit to Classroom
                     2. Fast Track Chapter 7 M/C & FRQ's [You already read chapter] - Submit to Classroom

1/29:   Day 2 in person:  Stoichiometry Lab - Day 2 final measurement/Do QRSYX Lab Data collection and analysis 
           HW1. Finish Stoichiometry Lab - Submit to Classroom
                   2. Finish QRSYX Lab - Submit to Classroom
                   3. Review for EF of magnesium oxide lab

2/1:  Day 3 in person::  Data Collect for EF of magnesium oxide lab/
        HW: 1.  EF of magnesium oxide lab calculations - Submit to Classroom

2/2:  Day 4 in person:  Iron Redox Lab Data Collection for 1 Trial - burets set up for you/
            Bullet Casing Lab - Data Collection/
            HW:  1. Chapter 8 in Fast Track   M/C & FRQ's - Submit to classroom

2/3:  Graphing & Lab questions/
        HW:  1. Finish and Submit Bullet Casing lab calcs - Submit to classroom
                  2. Instruction for Iron Redox Lab Calcs - Finish and Submit to Classroom
                  3. Prep for EF of copper chloride Lab 
2/4:  Day 7 in person: Do EF of copper chloride Lab
        HW: Finish EF of copper chloride lab and submit to classroom

2/5:  Recap on Iron Redox lab and the actual compound/Finish up Electrochemistry/Galvanic Cell Lab Prep & cell potential calculations
            HW: Intro for lab:
                 5 bullets: Difference between a galvanic and electrolytic cell, uncertainties, cell potential formula, picture of Galvanic cell, Ox, Red, 
                   balanced and cell potentials for all three combos.

2/9:     Data collection for Galvanic Cell Lab/ Nernst Equation as a correction factor for nonstandard conditions/Finish Lab Calcs
                HW: 1. Fast Track Chapter 9 (Complete M/C & FRQ problems) - Submit to Classroom

2/10:  Any lab or HW questions & How to do Nernst equation/AP exam format this year and payment deadline is 3/1/2021
              1. Nomenclature Quiz #2 - Set to release on classroom at 9 am you have till 9:30 am to submit.
                2. Finish Nernst Calcs and submit Galvanic Cell Lab

2/11:    Lecture on electrolysis/Stoichiometry Review
            HW: Electrochemistry HW - Submit to Classroom

2/12: [SUB]  Rev HW/ Watch video[Electrolysis of Potassium Iodide ] and discuss with partner/Electrochemistry Practice problems/
           HW: 1. Finish Practice Problems
                    2. Unit 1 & Unit 2   Test Topics  

2/16:   Review HW/Chapter 19:AP M/C & FRQ's; /HW: 1.Finish classwork - KEY 

2/17:  Quick questions:

            Combined Unit 1 & Unit 2 Test -Test to be released at 9 am and due by 9 pm.

Not getting to because of Covid - 19 Schedule

1.  Prep Formula of a hydrate Lab (Introduction & Data Table)/Do lab and calcs

Old Assignments:

 2. Skim Chapter 1 & The Chapter Goals Revisited on page 20-21 , complete problems:
                 4, 13, 18, 25,  41 on pgs. 43a-43f

2. Skim Chapter 2: 3

2. Read Section 3-3 on Chemical Equilibria, and section
             3-9 on Classifying reactions in aqueous solutions,  section 4-4, Chemical Analysis & 
               section 4-8 Spectrophotometry

1. AP Multiple Choice Rev. 1-14 (pgs. 95m - 95o),  2.  AP Free Response Rev (short only)  Pg. 95p. 

2. AP questions
                 1-16 (pgs. 137 i -137 l

Mass spectroscopy mini lecture with percent abundance

1. Pg. 179 b - 179 c(# 16, 20, 31)  2. Review text Chapters 1-4.