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Unit 1 -Review

Unit 1 - Review of Basic Chemistry - Descriptive Chem, Stoichiometry, Periodic Table

  1/6: Seating Chart & quick class structure & LAST YEAR'S GRADES AND AP EXAM RESULTS/Join Google 
                Classroom and answer question/ Review Ionic compounds &  Ionic Nomenclature/polyatomic 
                ions list/Stoichiometry Lab - Day 1/Check out Fast track books/HW: 1.  Read and sign course orientation and 
                Flinn Safety Contract 2. Read Chapter 1 in Fast Track complete M/C & FRQ

 2. Skim Chapter 1 & The Chapter Goals Revisited on page 20-21 , complete problems:
                 4, 13, 18, 25,  41 on pgs. 43a-43f

 1/7: Stamp HW/Equations on board to balance and ID type/Math problems on board [use of s. f.]/Reaction    
             types(Descriptive Chemistry)/Writing and Balancing Equations - Basic Stoichiometry (mole-mole &
                 mass -mass)/Stoichiometry Lab - Day 2/pass out lab books
                HW: 1. Finish Stoichiometry Lab.  . Do the percent comp handout   4. Review graphing 
                handout  5.  Help page I use in regular chem for Redox reactions

2. Skim Chapter 2: 3

 1/8: St HW  & Turn in stoichiometry Lab- complete sig. fig and measurement worksheet while I am   
              stamping/Concentration review handout/ Pass out  Solubility rules for Common Ionic Compounds in Water 
                Handout & work on solubility and ppt reaction assignment/Pass out instructions on how to solve solution 
                stoichiometry problems (This is review from regular chem and Honors chem.) It has a practice problem to do.
              HW: 1.  FINISH Solubility  & ppt reactions assignment  2. Read Chapter 7 in Fast track & M/C problems

2. Read Section 3-3 on Chemical Equilibria, and section
             3-9 on Classifying reactions in aqueous solutions,  section 4-4, Chemical Analysis & 
               section 4-8 Spectrophotometry

1/9: St HW & Rev/Work on Concentration review handout Luci Version Problem #2/Review Solubility & ppt Rxn HW /
                Beer's Law Lab with graph/Nomenclature practice sheet/HW: 1. Stoichiometry Practice & Review 
                [Complete #'s:  9, 11 -13 ]  2.  Finish Beer's Law Lab

 1/10:  St & Review HW on board/Use new Lab Book: QRSXY unknown ppt lab (Data 
                collection & Calcs. & turn in)/Finish nomenclature sheet from yesterday and compare with partner.
                HW: 1. Review your Percent Comp & EF assignment  2. Read EF of Copper Chloride Lab 
                and prep  lab book  according to lab format - Include: Introduction, for Procedure - Just say see handout, 
                make a Data Table.

 1/13Quiz #1/EF of copper chloride Lab/HW: 1. EF lab Calcs  - Use your data to solve for the EF of the copper chloride 
                solution 2.  Prep Iron Redox titration Lab
                    [Read lab, complete Introduction section and make the data table, not the Sample Calc table]

 1/14:  10 minutes to compare and discuss EF of copper chloride Lab , then collect/Discuss the Iron Redox titration 
                lab & the endpoint/Set-up and condition buret, do one trial today/Finish nomenclature worksheet/
                HW: Read Chapter 8 in Fast Track and complete M/C & FRQ

1. AP Multiple Choice Rev. 1-14 (pgs. 95m - 95o),  2.  AP Free Response Rev (short only)  Pg. 95p. 

1/15: St. & Rev HW/Finish Iron Redox Titration Lab [mini lesson - how to determine oxidation number]/ Mass 
        spectroscopy mini lecture with percent abundance/HW 1. Lab Calcs  

2. AP questions
                 1-16 (pgs. 137 i -137 l

1/16: Theoretical calcs for bonus & Collect Iron Redox Lab/Prep Formula of a hydrate Lab   & EF Magnesium oxide 
                Lab /HW

1. Pg. 179 b - 179 c(# 16, 20, 31)  2. Review text Chapters 1-4.   3. Start Nomenclature packet

1/17:    Replacement Sig. FIg. Quiz/EF Magnesium oxide Lab/Redox Rxns/HW: 1.  All calcs. for EF Lab

1/21:  Collect EF of Magnesium oxide lab/Data collection for Formula of a hydrate lab/  HW: Finish Formula of
                 a hydrate lab

1/22:  Collect formula of a hydrate Lab/Make known solutions for finding percent copper in bullet casing lab/
         HW: AP Questions: 1.  1-14 [pgs. 179 o - 179 q]  & Nomenclature Packet

 1/23:  Review HW and Nomenclature packet/Complete Bullet Casing Lab/HW: Test preparations 

 1/24:  Unit 1 Test [Chapters 1-4 & Nomenclature]/HW: 1. Skim & take notes Chapter 5, pay special attention to 
                formulas and new material  2. Finish Bullet Casing Lab