Mrs. Luci


About Mrs. Luci

During the 2020-2021 school year I will be teaching Chemistry in the fall and both Chemistry and AP Chemistry in the spring. I am starting my 29th year at Del Oro and have taught Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Earth Science, Exploratory Science and Physics. 

I am a 1991 graduate of Chico State with a BS in Physical Science and a 1992 graduate of the teacher credential program at Chico State.  I hold a single subject credential in Physical Science and Introductory Mathematics. 

I am the Science Department Chair.

Fall Term 2020

Spring Term 2021

Chemistry Test & Culminating Lab Dates 
  • Unit 1a:  9/17/20
  •  with Camera on!
  • Unit 1b: 10/7
  • Midterm Exam: 10/8 & 10/9
    •  District Wide Common Assessment (10% of Midterm Grade) & Regular cumulative Chemistry Assessment (90% of Midterm Grade)

    • Thursday 10/8/20

      1st: 8:00-10:00

      Break: 10:00-10:40

      5th: 10:45-12:45

      Friday 10/9/2020

      3rd: 8:00-10:00

      Break: 10:00-10:40

      4th: 10:45-12:45

  • Unit 2a:
  • Unit 2b:
  • Unit 3:  
  • Unit 4:  
Final Exam Schedule:
  • Lab & Demo Final: 
  • Show your work, Nomenclature, Measurement and graphing Final: