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Family Life

1.  Where I see myself - powerpoint assignment on google classroom - 100pts (counted as a separate assignment - not in packet)
2.  Activity tracker log +10pts
3.  p430-435 male repro sys notes +10pts
4. p436-442 female repro sys notes +10pts
5. male repro sys quiz +10pts
6. female repro sys quiz +10pts
7. p443-450 pregnancy notes +10pts
8. Miracle of life 4 facts & response +10pts
9. sex, gender, orientation response +10pts
10. p460-3 abstinence notes & p456 health relationship notes +10pts
11. unhealthy relationships response +20pts
12. cup of tea & contraceptives response +20pts
13. pregnancy options +20pts
14. STI +10pts
15. HIV/AIDS research +10pts (explain difference, how transmitted, 1st cases come up, famous figures who have it, curable or not, medicines, current statistics)
16. Coping with pressure notes
p464-468 & What are the risks p476-479 +10pts
17. Final review +20pts
Total: 200pts