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FBD Review

1/3  Using photogates-acceleration, Newton's Law review, Using Aviary (F=ma), definition of pressure
HW #1
Newton's 2nd Law with Photogate Problem:  In this lab, you can measure the acceleration of a cart using photogates.  When using the photogates, state 1 is the time from the start when the gate if first blocked and state 2 is the time when the gate is unblocked.  Using two different masses for the hover puck (the frictionless object on the track) and the hanging mass, you can calculate the acceleration from the data and then calculate the expected acceleration using a FBD for the hover puck and the hanging mass.  Hopefully the answers will match!

Page 43 in Giancoli text #64 and #75

1/4 More Newton review, pressure under water (pHet)
HW #2
Review example 4-20 on page 93 which shows a box on a table pulled by a mass on a pulley.  This example problem has friction.  
Problem #76 on page 104 of the Giancoli text as HW.
Problem #37 Page 68
Problem #29 Page 67

Weight under water demo
Learn about pressure and depth  --  Chapter 10.1 - 10.3

1/5 More Newton review, Deep sea diver (Aviary), Pascal's principle (Aviary)

Quiz #1

Read Chapter 10.1 to 10.7 (over the course of the next few days) in Giancoli

Newton's laws with pulley, ramps and multiple blocks
HW #3
Page 281 #5 and #11
Page 103 #75
Problem from board given in class with ramps and pulleys

FBD with ramps
Angular velocity and acceleration
Spinning things
HW #4
Page 282 # 16, #20 and #24

More spinning things