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A project-based introduction to the art of storytelling through video

Course Information

Welcome to Video Production at Del Oro High School. New Students and Parents, please take the time to review and electronically verify receipt of the course syllabus and technology use policy.
  1. Procedures and Equipment
  2. Production Shots and Techniques
  3. Copyright, Ethics, and Fair Use
  4. Storytelling with Video
  5. Commercial
  6. Public Service Announcement
  7. Kinetic Typography and Motion Graphics
  8. Music Video
  9. Studio Green Screen
  10. News Show

Assignments / Agenda

While general daily and weekly agendas will be posted on the Google Calendar above, assignments and quizzes will be managed through Google Classroom.  Inside Google Classroom, you will find the assignment prompts, due dates, rubrics, etc. Students enrolled in the course can access the Google Classroom account here.