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Hello, I came to Del Oro after teaching for three years at Placer High School. I have also taught at Timberline High in Boise, Idaho. I have taught Algebra, Introductory Biology, Advanced Biology, Biochemistry, AP Biology and Chemistry. I have also been both an assistant and Head Coach of Cross Country, Boys and Girls Volleyball, Head and assistant Track & Field coach as well as a swim coach. I have a wife, Kristi, daughter Ellie, and a son, Joseph. When not teaching or coaching, I love hiking, running, swimming, gardening - basically anything that will get me outdoors!

I have many favorite quotes and inspirational ideas - but two of my favorites:

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" I believe this isn't about always succeeding, but realizing that anything you endeavor to achieve, whether successful or not, is an important opportunity for character formation and will ALWAYS be worth the attempt.

"Too often, we give our students answers to remember rather than problems to solve." Roger Lewin

This is my mantra as a teacher, especially of science. Real science is about asking good questions, setting up experiments to answer them, and doing your best to solve a mystery. If I have done my job well, students will leave my classroom better thinkers and more prepared to solve life's many, complicated problems. These two quotes embody the best of what I hope to offer your student.

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