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Dance 2

Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Choreography and Performance

Course Information

Welcome to Dance 2 at Del Oro High School. Students and Parents, please take the time to review the course syllabus.  A signed hard copy is due within 2 days of the start of class.
  • Dance 2 Syllabus

Course Units / Areas of Study

  1. Jazz Dance
  2. Ballet
  3. Modern
  4. Show Prep
  5. FINAL- (The dance show!)

Assignments / Agenda

Dancers in this class have their choice of a written project. 

Option 1 is to do a written dance show review of a live show, just like in dance 1, but demonstrating increased use and understanding of dance/theater/performance terminology, This review is due within one week of the show you see, however no papers will be accepted after the Monday of Finals Week.  Click the link above for instructions on how to write the review, a grading rubric, and the submission link.  No hard copies or emailed links will be accepted.

Option 2 is a College research project.  The college research project does have a dance slant too it, but it also allows students to talk with their parents about;  travel expenses, loans vs. grants, will they have a car, and so much more!  Click HERE to complete this assignment.  Make sure you have set aside a sizable chunk of time to complete the project, and that your parents/guardians are available for discussion when you're working on the project.  If you choose this option, it's due MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016.