Mrs. Kenniston

Performing Arts

        2015-16 Associated Activities

    • Dance Team Coach
    • Performing Arts Department Chair

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About Mrs. Kenniston

This is Mrs. Kenniston's 9th year at Del Oro.  Prior to that, she taught Dance at Roseville and Oakmont High Schools, 2nd grade at Garden Valley, and Kindergarten at Challenger in Sunnyvale.  Mrs. Kenniston has a teaching credential from National University, a BA in Dance from SJSU, and a Certificate in Dance from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  At Del Oro she teaches Dance 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Dance Team.ce Team.

Fall Term 2015

    • Block 3 - Dance 3
    • Block 4 - Dance 1

Spring Term 2016

Del Oro Dance Video Collection:

Check out this video to give you an idea what
Dance 1 and 2 look like.

Solve it PEMDAS style- Dance 2 Fall '13 made a music video to help you with Algebra!

Dance 1- Jazz Dance Video Tutorials
Did you miss learning a jazz step, or just want to practice at home? 
Here are some video tutorials to get you up to speed.
Basic   Double Basic    Rebound  Step Kick    Cross touch    Cross kick    Fred Astaire    Lindy      3 step turn      ooii

Earn membership in the National Honor Society for Dance Arts!
* 30 points
* 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA mid Senior year
* Take at least one DO Dance class your Senior year

and you will be recognized with membership in the NHSDA at Senior Awards Night where you will be presented with a certificate and an honor cord you wear at Senior Celebration and Graduation. 

Those Seniors who meet the above requirements, but earn 40 or more points will be eligible to apply for a scholarship that is funded by our December Matinee ticket money.

Did you see a dance show and write a review for HS points?  Use this link to submit you paper.  Note, you must write the paper in Google Docs.

Did you attend a Master class and want HS points for it?  Use this link to document your experience.
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