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First Year Members

You have reached the Old Band Website! Please use to reach our new site. Previous users may need to refresh the page once you get there. 

                    Welcome to the Del Oro Golden Eagle Band!                    
My name is Mr. Duncan. I am the Band Director at Del Oro High School. This web site has many resources to make make things a bit easier for new members in our band program.

Band Calendar: Click on the Band Page to see our rehearsal and performance dates. Notice the First-Year-Member camp and Full Band Camp during the summer along with summer rehearsals and car washes.

The Del Oro band program is very involved so things can be confusing at first. Don't be shy about contacting me. I would love to help with any questions you may have.

Basic schedule:
During the fall term, students enroll in Marching Band. Marching Band meets before school for zero period at 7:00am and continues through first block. Fall Color Guard students are part of the marching band class. Freshman students will also sign up for Band Theory. Band theory is a music class that is designed to help catch the younger students up so that they are more comfortable working with the older band students. The band theory class is optional for freshman Fall color guard members but mandatory for any Freshman instrumental students in Marching band. The class is also highly recommended for any student planning on taking concert band.

During the Spring term, most band students are all enrolled in the Concert Band class which meets during zero period. In Concert Band, students work on pep music for rallies and sporting events, concert style music, and other special music projects such as graduation music. Additionally, many students will take Jazz band, and participate in the Winter Guard, or Percussion teams. Winter Guard and Percussion are extracurricular activities that are part of the band program. Schedules for these classes are determined during fall. Jazz band is typically going to be during 1st block. 

Not sure if you want to join? The best thing to do is contact me. I can help you determine whether or not band is right for you or your student. If possible, also consider speaking with current members and parents. They can give you that valuable student/parent perspective. Band is a wonderful activity and certainly worth consideration.